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The luck will run out

By Bryan Rosenbaum
Arizona Daily Wildcat
January 29, 1999
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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Bryan Rosenbaum

Destiny is just another term for luck..

It's about time the Falcons' luck ran out, as they went from 7-9 to 14-2 and valiantly slayed the Vikings and 49ers in the playoffs.

The Broncos don't use the term destiny, they use the term consistency. They flirted with a perfect season until the Giants upset them 20-16.

After wearing down the Jets, the Broncos proved they are not a team to mess with. You can't faze John Elway and you can't stop Terrell Davis.

Elway, playing in perhaps his final NFL game, will go out a winner as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time. Elway was once a symbol of frustration after losing his previous Super Bowl attempts. He got his due when he played the game of his life last year to beat the Packers. Like him or not, you had to smile when he lifted the Lombardi Trophy.

This year, however, Elway won't win it on his own. Terrell Davis may have won the MVP in 1998, but it was Elway who made the difference. This year, it could be just the opposite.

Davis had one of the greatest seasons ever by a running back, gaining over 2,000 yards.

While the Vikings proved in the NFC Championship that you can stop Jamal Anderson, there isn't any fool-proof way to stop Davis. The Dolphins contained him during their Monday Night win over the Broncos, but look where it got them when the playoffs came around. With one of the NFL's best offensive lines leading the way, the Broncos will pound the ball down the Falcons' defense the entire game, and look for the pressure to be on Atlanta's offense to put together some drives just to rest their defense.

The Broncos' secondary is where they are most vulnerable. Stopping the Falcons' passing offense is Denver's main priority, but if they do that, they will win the game. Terrance Mathis and Tony Martin hold the key to Atlanta doing the "Super Bowl Bird" in the locker room, not Jamal Anderson, even if every reporter in the world seems to be asking him what new step he'll throw in to the Dirty Bird if he scores a touchdown.

Super Bowl XXXIII should be a great game, and since the great teams win the big games, the Denver Broncos should repeat. Don't listen to the announcers and all the pre-game hype about Dan Reeves and his feuds with Denver or if this will be Elway's last game. Just be glad they're both there.

Denver 23, Atlanta 21

Bryan Rosenbaum is a sophomore majoring in journalism. He can be reached at