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The world through materialism-tinted glasses

By Tamarack Little
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 4, 1999
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To the editor,

This letter is in regards to the Feb. 2 article "Four women recovering after crash in Mexico." I was saddened to hear of their misfortunes and relieved nobody was killed but I found some of the comments regarding Mexican health care conditions offensive and heartless. Instead of being grateful for the assistance and understanding of another country's economic inequity to our own, they expressed such sentiments as "It was awful," and "...think twice before leaving the country."

I ask you: Did the Mexican clinics indeed save your lives? What exactly were you expecting?

This attitude is typical of our (that is mainstream American) spoiled, bloated, corporate-driven and impersonal culture where luxury isn't a privilege, it's a right.

So what if the broken arm was splintered with cardboard? Would you prefer that it was splintered with contempt? Where is your respect, your gratitude, the slightest sense of human community?

Only Resa Palmera, the mother of one of the injured women expressed any of your appreciation. "They saved the girl's lives."

The comment I found most offensive was that the clinic wasn't safe because it wasn't "equipped with enough technology." There are billions of people that would take the risk of going to such a clinic, if they had the money.

Maybe if we all took a step back from the pool party, the 25 percent-off sale at Macy's and the 67-karat diamond, we could develop a sense of tolerance, become thankful for what we have, and hopefully find the compassion to try and make a positive difference.

Tamarack Little
Education post-baccalaureate