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A reasonable Res-Life policy

By Rachael Ludwick
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 4, 1999
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To the editor,

Here's a simple plan to replace both Res Life's old silly policy and their new silly policy: Start accepting applications for housing on such-and-such a date (early March or something). Date-stamp them as they come in. Then give the applicants housing in the order their applications are received (using their hall preferences if possible). Don't guarantee that any application received by May 1 (or whatever the date is) will yield housing.

After all the spots are filled, put anyone else on a waiting list (again, in the order received) to fill any cancellations or no-shows. Simple? Fair? Well it's certainly more fair than policies based on class privilege, for either seniors or freshman. And it's definitely simple.

Rachael Ludwick
Computer science and mathematics sophomore