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Police Beat

By Liz Dailey
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 9, 1999
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University police arrested a student Friday afternoon on suspicion of giving officers falsified information.

A UA Associated Students Bookstore employee called police at 3:47 p.m. after recognizing someone he suspected was a shoplifter. During a previous incident, the employee had tried to detain a man who ran out of the bookstore with stolen items, police reports stated.

The employee later found a sleeping student in the Memorial Student Union and allegedly recognized him as the purported shoplifter. An officer and the employee confronted the student in the Cactus Lounge of the union, 1303 E. University Blvd.

The officer woke John Kenneth Evans III, 22, and asked him for identification. Evans said he didn't have identification, but said he was a "student studying psychology," reports stated. After giving the officer his name, Evans told the officer a birth date that would make him 27.

Police were unable to find any records with Evans' name or the birth date. The officer told Evans, of the 400 block of East Fifth Street, he was being investigated in connection with a shoplifting case, reports stated.

Evans then refused to answer questions without a lawyer and tried to leave the room, reports stated.

As police told Evans he was prohibited from leaving, an officer heard "a male voice yelling" behind him, reports stated. The man, also a UA student, said the officers had no right to detain Evans or expect him to answer their questions, reports stated.

The officer told the student to step back and stop interfering. Evans then refused to sit down despite the officer's repeated commands.

The officer then pulled out his pepper spray and warned Evans and the student to back away, reports stated.

The student said, "cops and the military are working together to take our rights," reports stated.

The officer handcuffed Evans and took him to UAPD headquarters.

The other student is being reviewed by the Dean of Students Diversion Program.

At UAPD, the officer found several forms of identification in Evans' possession. Evans was cited and released.

A student was taken to the hospital Saturday morning after being head-butted in the face by another student, police reports stated.

An officer went to Tucson Medical Center, 5301 E. Grant Road, at 2:46 a.m. and spoke with the injured student, who had chipped front teeth and six to eight fractures in his septum.

The student told police he was at home inside the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity house, 1801 E. First St., when one member began to give another member "a hard time," reports stated.

The alleged victim said he stepped in and told the first member he didn't like his remarks.

The injured student said the first fraternity member closed the front door and then head-butted him, reports stated. Other members of the fraternity told the member to "go to his room and calm down," reports stated.

He told police he did not want to press charges, but he wanted the other member to pay his medical bills, reports stated.

A police officer heard people yelling as he pulled into UAPD headquarters early Saturday morning.

The officer saw two cars stopped in the middle of East Sixth Street near North Santa Rita Avenue at 4:31 a.m., police reports stated.

A man stood outside the driver's side door of a white car, while another man remained inside. When the driver spotted the officer, they fled west on Sixth. Police circled the area but were unable to find the vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle said the two men in the white car punched him in the face and kicked him in the head, reports stated.

The victim said he had no idea why the men started the fight, reports stated. There were no serious injuries reported.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.