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Student speaks out against ASUA senator candidate

By Gerard K Rabindranath
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 12, 1999
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To the editor,

At the Mall I saw many ASUA senator candidates giving petitions to sign so they can get on the ballot. I saw many people holding petitions for candidate Ahmad Saad Nasim. It will be the greatest mistake to put this person on the ballot.

I didn't feel like sharing this, but for the ASUA, it would be the greatest mistake if our students are deceived to vote for Mr. Nasim. To Nasim, you are an insult to the UA, and back away from ASUA elections because you have no honor whatsoever.

This is all true, and I do not want to see the ASUA deprived of good candidates by seeing Mr. Nasim in office! He supported Matt Meaker - the president of the Residence Hall Association. Meaker was being impeached for misusing funds. Nasim supported the guy.

Can you even imagine a person like Nasim who supports a person who cheats his organization! He is an RA at Mohave Hall. His hall had an RA, Paul Graziano, who got drunk and was almost fired. I remember Nasim supported Graziano over Res Life. What type of a person supports people who disobey their job's policy like Graziano, and also people like Meaker who cheat their own club? Nasim comes from the same type of people.

Personally, I think Nasim could be a nice person but not fit to be even a candidate for ASUA elections. Our university should not be deceived by Nasim. It is you, the UA student to choose or not to choose.

Gerard K Rabindranath
Electrical engineering and computer science junior