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The real story behind the Resident Hall Association fiasco

By Leeann Kovac
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 15, 1999
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To the editor,

There were many points brought up at the last few RHA meetings, but there is much more to this story that the residents do not know. First, I would like to address the issue that Matt Meaker brought up during last week's trial, specifically, how did the executive board determine he was never going to pay the money back for the phone calls?

During our two-hour executive board meeting in which Meaker and Rebecca Zilm were confronted about this issue, he never once stated that he planned on paying these calls back, even after the other officer who made phone calls assured us that she intended on paying for the charges she incurred. Due to executive board confidentiality, I would have been asked to resign if I had brought this up during the trial.

Next, I would like to reiterate how Meaker lied to the general body. During the first general meeting Meaker apologized for an unauthorized $58 expenditure. During the question and answer period a resident asked Meaker if this was the only indiscretion he committed. He replied it was, and in doing so lied to the general body.

Most importantly, I want the residents to realize that Meaker did not just steal RHA's money, he stole their money. Every semester, as part of their housing fees, the residents pay $7.50 to the Residence Hall Association. This is how the organization gets it's $66,000 budget each year. By making personal phone calls on the RHA long distance phone code, Meaker stole from 4,800 residents.

I feel it is important that the residents know the whole story.

Leeann Kovac
Former RHA National Communications Coordinator
Anthropology and political science senior