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In defense of candidate Nasim

By Jinny Sutter
Arizona Daily Wildcat
February 15, 1999
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To the editor,

In angry response to the letter that Mr. Rabindranath wrote for the Feb. 12 paper, I'm outraged at his generalization of what would be good for the student population. Why is he justified in saying that because of his opinion, Sa'ad Nasim would be "the greatest mistake" for ASUA? He claims that if he is put on the ballot that it will be an insult to the university. How? Didn't your English teachers ever teach you to do research before making judgments and wide speculations?

You think that "Nasim could be a nice person." Why didn't you take the time to sit down with him and find out his stances for the future of ASUA? Obviously you just went out and made bogus claims without actual knowledge of the subject. I would request that before you open your big mouth, think. I know that it is hard for some people to use their brain and a rational line of thought. That is no excuse for what you have done.

Just as the RHA members decided to keep Matt Meaker on board, it was their choice. When Paul Graziano's job was on the line, the upper management of Res Life decided to keep him because he is a wonderful person and does an amazing job. When the president of the United States stays in office, it is the people choosing that he did a good job. Mr.

Rabindranath, you will be seeing the people coming to stand behind Nasim in all his endeavors. I pity you for being ignorant and hope that you see the errors of your ways.

Jinny Sutter
Violin performance sophomore