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Letter writer ignorant

By Justin S. Moon
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 24, 2000
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To the editor,

This is in response to Tobias Nicholson's article on minority admissions (2/23). The young, uneducated freshman falsely implies that by admitting minority students that somehow under-qualified individuals are getting into the university system. Please allow me to debase this erroneous claim.

Son, if I had my mommy and daddy pay my way through school, buying me a BMW, and dressing me up in Ralph Lauren outfits everyday, it would make studying a lot easier to handle for me too. The fact is that many minority students are fighting battles financially, while dealing with school and committing time to the extracurricular activities deemed necessary for college admissions ... often on their own.

Access to college brings financial aid into the equation, helping level the playing field, allowing minority students to concentrate more time on academia. Without this opportunity, the economic and social balance of this nation would crumble.

I know, Toby, you're probably very independent and able to support that $20,000 a year lifestyle with that $5/hour part-time job at the GAP. However, success in the real world will be judged by what you accomplish, and not measured by test scores. My colleagues and I in medicine (of whom 30% are minority) would suggest waiting until you learn and accomplish a little more in your 'rigorous' history curriculum, before you begin to place judgment on another person's qualifications.

Justin S. Moon

College of Medicine & Public Health

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