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Attacked letter writer responds

By Tobias Nicholson
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 25, 2000
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To the editor,

This is in response to Justin S. Moon's letter "Letter writer ignorant" Mr. Moon I don't know you and you don't know me but somehow you were able to stereotype me into the Rich, White, and Spoiled group. I personally don't drive a BMW as you suggested nor do I work at the GAP and I don't wear Ralph Lauren. I drive nothing and I work at the Student Union. I wrote a letter that stated my opinion that Merit Based admission is something that is needed. But it seems as if admitting people because of their merit is wrong. Isn't the entire point of high school to get into college? If people want to get in then they'll do what is needed to get admitted. You told me that 30% of your colleagues at the College of Medicine & Public Health are minorities. Now of that 30% how many wouldn't have made it to college unless they were part of that minority, how many of them couldn't get a 3.0 in high school course. I would say very few. I merely wanted to say that a Standard is needed, a standard that all should meet. If certain people don't meet the standard you don't lower the standard, you raise the level of education. Now Mr. Moon I'd like you to take a little time from your 'rigorous' schedule to argue the facts and not stereotype people just because of their opinion.

Tobias Nicholson

History freshman

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