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[celebrating 100 years of student media] Monday March 20, 2000 Web Posted- 08:01:13

Teammates remember fallen Icecat

While teammates and coaches are struggling to cope with the death of freshman Icecat Brad Downing III, Chandler police are still trying to piece together the events that led to the fatal accident in the East Valley last Monday. Downing, 18, was killed when a stolen pickup truck driven by Rosemarie Forker, 29, ran a red light and struck Downing's Camaro, said Sgt. Ken Phillips, a Chandler Police Department spokesman. Icecat head coach Leo Golembiewski said Downing had a positive attitude that was contagious on the team. "He was a pretty lively guy, pretty popular," Golembiewski said. "What I liked was his work ethic and coachability."    [More]
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Balanced Budget Act will cost UMC $27 million
UMC will lose about $27 million through 2002 because of the Balanced Budget Act of 1997, but hospital officials said they are managing the situation. John Duval, University Medical Center's chief operating officer, said UMC will lose millions of dollars because the Balanced Budget Act causes hospitals not to be reimbursed for services provided to patients with Medicare and Medicaid. UMC is expected to lose about $27 million through the course of the legislation until the year 2002, Duval said. "The consequences of BBA are serious," Duval said.    [More]

Young Wildcats not down on themselves
It wasn't a boisterous locker room. It wasn't noisy or happy, you could even hear a pin drop. But it was definitely not a locker room where guys were hanging their heads and asking the famous "what if" questions. When a team starts three freshman and two sophomores, not much is expected, especially when that team only has two reserves - of which one is a sophomore and the other a junior. These are not excuses to why the UA men's basketball team lost to the Wisconsinn Badgers 66-59 on Saturday evening at the Jon M. Huntsman Center in Salt Lake City, but they are facts.    [March Madness Front Page]

ASUA can't suceed without student interest
[news] Approximately thirty-five thousand students attend the University of Arizona. In last week's Associated Students of the University Arizona elections, a mere two thousand voted. Clearly, apathy is plaguing the UA campus. The student body needs to realize that their involvement is the only way to make ASUA a valuable component of the UA campus. ASUA is the University of Arizona's student government. The decisions made by the students elected to this body can impact the entire campus. More importantly, the student body ought to be demanding more from its student government.    [More]

Monkeying around
This is my picture of hell: The walls are made of fire, the ceilings of brimstone. Marching band music fills the air, and the only thing on TV is soccer. And cats are everywhere. I despise cats so much, that I'm sure if the deep bowels of hell exist, they must be filled with felines. If I were a Wildcat cartoonist, I could think of a different "Stuff I Hate" about cats alone for every day of the year.    [More]

'You need to clear your mind, put down your weapons, let the hostages go. Itās time to end this, buddy. You need to do it peacefully, and you need to do it quickly.'

-Ron Messman, friend of Maryland murder suspect Joseph Palczynski since high school.

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