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Static-X opens for Powerman 5000 in immense fashion

By Ty Young
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
March 27, 2000
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In an emotional and powerful display of music intensity, heavy metal rockers Static-X proved that their current radio popularity is not a mere fluke.

Despite opening for heavy metal glam-rockers Powerman 5000, Static-X had the crowd on edge and in stitches, prompting a violent display of moshing and slam dancing.

The feeling of the audience was nothing short of electric.

For the opening song, the band took the stage in typical Static-X fashion - as a bright strobe light and smoke reflected nothing but the band's silhouettes.

Frontman and guitarist Wayne Static, sporting his signature foot-long, braided goatee and jet-black hair standing easily a foot off his head, pierced the audience ears as he screamed out to the audience.

Pulsating with the furious rhythm, Static cavorted around the stage, echoing his lyrics and guitar riffs off the walls of the sold-out Rialto Theatre, 318 E. Congress St.

On "I Am," the band went into ultra-aggressive tempo, inciting the crowd to writhe in emotion and pump their fists into the air.

Static-X also played to the crowd's humorous side as well.

"Let's take a minute to pay respects for the other bands on tour," screamed Static. "Let's hear it for Dope ... let's hear it for Powerman 5000 ... let's hear it for the Backstreet Boys."

The audience responded with a collective, wild "boo."

The band immediately went into "Wisconsin Death Trip," once again aided by the powerful, colored strobe lights.

As the crowd continued to build to an emotional apex through songs "I'm With Stupid" and "Stem," the band abruptly stopped playing. The lights and smoke stopped - and all in attendance seemed to feel robbed, thinking the band was finished.

They were wrong.

Static came back seconds later, and called out to the crowd, "(You) thought we were done, didn't you?"

Immediately after, spotlights shown down on each member of the four person band, giving each a chance to scowl at the audience.

The crowd loved it, and were rewarded with the band's radio hit "Push It."

As they were leaving the stage, the band thanked the crowd, throwing guitar pics into the air.

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