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[celebrating 100 years of student media] Wednesday March 29, 2000 Web Posted- 02:00:02

Proud to be an American

With their eyes fixed on the American flag, Juan Paul and Karla Guzman placed their right hands over their hearts and recited the pledge of allegiance. After years of waiting, the UA students and Mexico natives were naturalized yesterday morning - along with 500 other immigrants hailing from Antigua to Uzbekistan. However, they could not actually see the bright red and white stripes of their newly adopted flag, because the Guzmans are blind. Juan Paul Guzman, a University of Arizona political science senior, and his older sister Karla, a Spanish junior, became legal United States residents in 1994 to attend Tucson's Arizona School for the Deaf and Blind.    [More]
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Students admit to vandalism of UA vehicle, police report
[news] Two UA students admitted to police they were involved in a vandalism incident that caused more than $4,200 worth of damage to a UAPD owned van, police said. A third student is still under investigation. A trail of blood from the van to the Kappa Sigma fraternity house led detectives to suspect three Kappa Sigma members in the vandalism. No charges have been filed and police have withheld information about the case pending the ongoing three-week investigation.    [More]

UA shocked by sub .500 Roadrunners
After a nine-day break between games, the Arizona softball team couldn't shake off the rust as they were upset by New Mexico State in the first game of last night's doubleheader at Rita Hillenbrand Memorial Stadium. The Roadrunners (17-19) capitalized on a key error by UA sophomore pitcher/first baseman Jennie Finch and a timely sixth inning homer run by NMSU junior catcher Adrian Nobles to clinch the 2-1 victory.    [More]

New smoking policy onerous but reasonable
[news] The UA may have joined the movement to ostracize smokers of the world. First it was Los Angeles, then Mesa, then Tucson and now the UA is spiking its tobacco policy like Brown & Williamson spikes cigarettes with nicotine. Banning smoking, jacking up prices and bringing sanctions upon tobacco companies are all steps toward weeding out tobacco use in America. And that is wrong. If people want to smoke, they should be allowed to smoke.    [More]

Stroke of good fortune
With a single in heavy radio rotation and an MTV-friendly look, Stroke 9 could easily be perceived as a teeny-bopper band - one of the ready-made, disposable pop sensations that record labels seem to churn out by the dozens. The band says that perception would be wrong. "We've been at it for like 10 years," said drummer Eric Stock. "As soon as you start doing well and no one's heard of you, they immediately want to badger you and call you a one-hit wonder."    [More]

'I donāt know what else they want from the Lazaro Gonzalez family. They (INS officials) are following orders either from Clintonās lawyers or Fidel, and they need to answer to the community and to the world. They are the ones who put this kid in Lazaroās home, and they just want him to sign a blanket statement, which is not the American way.'

- Armando Gutierrez, the Lazaro Gonzalez family spokesman on Elian Gonzalezās situation.

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