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By Dylan McKinley
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
March 31, 2000
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University police arrested a UA student Wednesday after he called police from a campus-area bar and said his friend was being assaulted, police reports stated.

An officer went to Gentle Ben's Brewing Co. at about 12:40 a.m. after John Foraker, 19, of Coronado Residence Hall, 822 E. Fifth St., called from the bar and said, "My friend is being assaulted by a bunch of guys at Gentle Ben's," reports stated.

The officer spoke with a bouncer at the bar when he arrived and the bouncer said there were no fights at the bar, but he saw Foraker calling the police.

He said he noticed Foraker was highly intoxicated so he asked him to leave the establishment.

He escorted Foraker out, at which time Foraker said he would call the police and say he had been assaulted with a gun.

The bouncer told him he could do as he wished.

As the officer spoke with the bouncer, Foraker came back to the bar.

The bouncer then told the officer he saw Foraker using his cellular telephone to call police.

Foraker denied making the call, so the officer checked the call history on his cell phone and saw that he did call the UAPD direct number, reports stated.

Foraker was cited on suspicion of false reporting and false reporting to law enforcement and booked into Pima County Jail.

Three UA students were placed in the Dean of Students Office Diversion Program Wednesday after they harassed a fellow student, reports stated.

The student called UAPD to report that he had received harassing messages in his daily journal, notebook and a letter with a knife through it on his desk at Cochise Residence Hall, 1018 E. South Campus Dr., reports stated.

He told police he suspected three men, and he gave their names to police.

He said one of them, Patrick Snively, 19, of Cochise Residence Hall, admitted to him that he wrote in his daily journal, reports stated.

The officer spoke to Snively, Michael Mortensen, 19, of Cochise Residence Hall, and Peter Smith, 19, of Cochise Residence Hall, about the incident early Thursday morning.

All three men told police that the victim is "hard to get along with and paranoid," and the officer asked them if they were involved with the harassing messages, reports stated.

Smith then told the officer that he and Snively wrote in the journal, but meant it as a joke at first, reports stated.

Snively told the officer he wrote in the notebook and journal, and Mortensen said he and Smith wrote the letter. Smith put his two-inch jackknife in the letter because he was frustrated with the victim but meant no harm, reports stated.

The officer told them he would place them in the diversion program, but if they didn't complete the program, harassment charges could be pressed.

A UA employee called police Wednesday after she caught two juvenile males tagging a campus building's bathroom with a black marker, reports stated.

An officer went to the Ina Gittings building, 1713 E. University Blvd., at about 11:53 a.m. to meet with the woman who had the children detained.

The officer spoke with the two boys, who were on campus for a field trip, and one admitted to marking the walls and doors in the bathroom and offered to clean the walls, reports stated.

The officer spoke with the boys' teacher and said if they cleaned the walls, no charges would be pressed.

The boys used cleaning supplies from a custodial worker's cart and cleaned the walls and door.

The officer advised them if the walls had to be repainted, they would be charged for the paint used.

A UA student called UAPD Wednesday after someone stole his bicycle, reports stated.

The man said he parked his bike on the south side of Navajo Residence Hall, 1557 E. Sixth St., at about 8 a.m. Tuesday, reports stated.

When he returned to his bike Wednesday at about 9 a.m., it was missing.

He told police he had a special triple-wire cable lock around his frame, front wheel and handlebars, but the lock was missing along with the bike, reports stated. He registered the bike with UAPD and told the officer he would pass along the serial number in the next few days.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department reports.

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