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Wrapping up student life

By Melanie Winderlich
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
May 3, 2000
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Inaugural 'Wildcat Wrap-up' airs on dead-day

After a semester of preparation, "Wildcat Wrap-up," the first show produced entirely by UA students, premieres tomorrow at noon.

"Wrap-up" is a half-hour news magazine program, reporting news, sports and entertainment stories at the University of Arizona.

"Journalism, media arts and KAMP radio people all worked together for the show," media arts senior Jared Petty said. "We wanted everyone to get involved for the project."

Six field reporters compose the entire "Wrap-up" staff - each person finds newsworthy features, films interviews, reports events and edits the final products.

Petty said "Wrap-up" will be more creative than a straight news broadcast because the show is informative with an undertone of frivolity.

"Our show is more than cut and dry journalism," Petty said. "It is the future in student news via television at the UA."

"Wrap-up" filmed diverse features for upcoming broadcasts. Petty said TV3 will air an interview with a UA basketball player and features on a local band and a student filmmaker.

The show will air monthly and relate to UA students by focusing on local issues and student features.

"I think it would be cool to watch a 'Dateline' for students," said undecided freshman Sara Gulbrandsen. "The show would have a direct impact on UA students and resident life."

TV3 also features other productions like "Wildcat Wrap-up." A segment called "Student Showcase 2000" is an hour-long show that highlights student work from the UA. It will be broadcast three times a week, focusing on seven different videos.

Petty said TV3 only received five entries to air for "Showcase 2000," so he had to enter two of his own works.

Another new show TV3 is adding to their broadcast schedule includes two feature-length videos by UA students airing on different nights of the week. Each feature runs 90 minutes and is considered short fictional films.

"It is nice that the UA devotes attention and money for future filmmakers," Gulbrandsen said. "Sometimes, colleges only give money to the departments, and the students never even get to see it."

One feature, "Gun Lord," is an action-adventure film totally produced and created by a student. The other feature, "The University Beast," is a horror film.

"'University Beast' is cheesy but funny," Petty said. "Both films are extremely low budget but very good."

TV3 will be searching for new talent to take over for next year.

Since the entire production team is made up of seniors, Petty wants younger applicants to consider these positions.

"We have only had one applicant so far for a production position," Petty said. "But everyone is stressed with finals and graduation, so hopefully, it will pick up next year."

In celebration of "Wildcat Wrap-up" and its premiere airing, TV3 will throw a party at Yavapai Residence Hall. The party is tomorrow at noon, and those involved said they hope to gather responses from their core demographic - UA students.

"Anyone is invited to come," Petty said. "We will have pizza and pop for everyone."

Those interested in applying for a TV3 position can contact Jared Petty in the KAMP office at 621-7584.

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