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Make football exciting

By Ken Gafner
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 13, 1999

To the editor,

I was one of the 40,000 + that got to watch Dick Tomey disappoint the Arizona faithful at Arizona Stadium on Saturday night. I am appalled that we even won the game against such a weak opponent.

This is not a shot at any of the players; they don't call the plays in a game. My beef is with Coach Tomey. I cannot believe that we were not trying to run the score up to the slightest degree for our home opener. Isn't that why we schedule teams like Middle Tennessee, Pacific and NE Louisiana Tech for? Don't you put those teams on the schedule so that we can blow them out and get the fans all fired up about coming and watching Wildcat football? Evidently not.

The one play that really upset me was on a fourth and one and OJ called a time out. Fine, he didn't like the defense that he was reading and he needed to talk it over. Any good QB would do the same. The fans were excited to see Dick going for it on a fourth down. After the TO, we were treated to the punting unit arriving on the field. What are you thinking, Dick? Don't you have faith on our offense? We do.

You and I both know that we could have beaten that team by a lot more. Take a page from Spurrier or Bowden and run the score up. Nobody is going to call you a bad person for letting your team beat the crap out of a cupcake. I am begging you to try and make this season as fun as last season, nobody will boo you if you take a few chances.

Wouldn't you rather have 50,000 people cheering you on in the fourth quarter than hearing boos from the 5,000 who actually stay until the end of such a game? Think about it.

Ken Gafner

Communication senior

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