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Full story on ASUA

By Julie Burkhart
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 13, 1999

To the editor,

I was discouraged to open my Daily Wildcat Friday morning to find that once again, the whole story regarding ASUA had not been told.

We were extremely happy to welcome President Likins to our Senate meeting, and we had hoped that his schedule would allow him to stay the entire time. With this in mind, we invited nine individuals with particular issues to make presentations during the meeting.

Due to the amount of conversation that took place between President Likins and the Senate, the meeting ran later than originally planned, and both President Likins and the reporter from the Daily Wildcat left before the meeting was half over.

The discussion that took place after President Likins had to leave was informative, and some fantastic ideas were proposed. We discussed class availability, a possible partnership with the universities that were destroyed by the earthquake in Turkey, and how to increase retention rates at the university, and we received information on the Women's Resource Center, the UA Facilitators and Camp Wildcat. We also heard from the student regent and discussed construction issues for disabled students. We talked for nearly 3 1/2 hours about campus issues and events.

One problem that I, as a senator, constantly face, is that I am not psychic. I don't know what all the student issues are. In between class, studying and working to pay my rent, I try my best to find out, but it's a big job.

For anyone who feels that their concerns are not being addressed, I invite them to e-mail me at jburkhar@u.arizona.edu, or call the Senate at 621-6635. 13 elected officials can't make UA a better place on their own. It will take a collective effort of every student.

Julie Burkhart

Philosophy and political science senior

ASUA senator

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