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BIF Naked I Bificus

Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 22, 1999

(Wea/Atlantic/Lava )

Canada, our seemingly inconspicuous neighbor to the north, has already made us suffer through the likes of pop/rock stars Alanis Morissette and Natalie Merchant. Their latest addition to our radio waves, BIF Naked, offers no relief from that trend.

The magazine, Elle, dubbed BIF Naked "the bastard child of Courtney Love and Marilyn Manson." It's no wonder BIF Naked's Canadian publicist mentioned that she was actually born in New Delhi, India, and adopted by American missionaries who traveled before settling in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Despite her turnaround from an addictive personality involving property destruction, smoking, drinking and eating red meat, BIF's new straight-edge persona still performs brutal, aggressive music.

BIF attracted much attention at this summer's Lilith Fair, where she livened up the overwhelming number of female "girl-with-a-guitar acts" with her hard rock and punk flavor.

I Bificus features a contrasting collection of enraged, head-banging songs juxtaposed with mellow, heroin-chic ballads that display her more sensitive take on love, death and of course, spacemen.

The song "Chotee" discusses BIF's ill-fated first marriage. "I was just outta high school in my first band/I married my drummer/Our love was so grand/I thought it was forever-till death do us part/Then he cheated on me and he broke my heart."

This sample of BIF Naked's juvenile lyrics makes one wonder whether she actually graduated or just dropped out when she speaks of being "just outta high school."

The prevailing theme in I Bificus depicts the artist as the legendary Cleopatra. She wears lots of gold and silk, and portrays herself as something like a goddess. Yet ultimately, her long, dark hair is about the only thing BIF Naked has in common with the Egyptian queen.

-Stu Caplan

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