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ASA satisfied with 2 newly appointed regents

By Ty Young
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
October 1, 1999

Arizona Gov. Jane Hull's Wednesday appointment of two new regents pleased the Arizona Students Association, which recently requested more diversity on the board, ASUA President Cisco Aguilar said yesterday.

Hull announced that Phoenix lawyer Gary Stuart and Christine Palacios, vice president for the southern Arizona division of Southwest Gas, were her final choices to fill the two recently vacated positions.

Associated Students President Cisco Aguilar said the Arizona Students Association, a group that lobbies the state government in order to preserve student rights, was very happy about the news.

"We're really excited that there is now both a new female and minority representation on the board," he said about Palacios' nomination. "We got both in one person."

Aguilar said Palacios, a Hispanic-American, should bring the cultural diversity that the ASA requested in an August letter to the governor.

Other ASA members agreed the decision was beneficial.

"I think it makes a definite impact on the board," said Derick Kurdy, director of ASA at the University of Arizona. "It was something that we felt very strongly about, and we're happy with the appointment."

Francie Noyes, press secretary for the governor's office, said that Hull, a Republican, received ASA's letter and acknowledged the points of interest.

"We certainly appreciate hearing from any constituents from our state," she said. "She (Hull) understands the need to get a diverse set of opinions in the board of regents."

However, Noyes said that Palacios' cultural status had little to do with her appointment.

"There was absolutely no question that she was the right choice," she said. "She is very knowledgeable in customer service issues and has shown a great dedication to this state."

Palacios serves on the Tucson Chamber of Commerce, the Greater Tucson Economic Council and the Southern Arizona Leadership Council.

Noyes said that Palacios impressed the governor with her work on the School Facilities Board, which researches and decides where new elementary schools will be placed.

The ASA also endorsed the appointment of Stuart.

"It's great that he (Stuart) was appointed, especially because he is a graduate of UA and UA Law School," Aguilar said.

UA spokeswoman Sharon Kha said she also approves of Hull's choices.

"I think the governor did a very good job of appointing people with strong backgrounds that will be useful for their positions," Kha said.

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