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'Loveline' hosts entertain a sold-out Centennial Hall


Arizona Daily Wildcat

Dr. Drew Pinsky and Adam Carolla from "Loveline" sign autographs after the show Friday night at Centennial Hall. Tickets for the show were sold out.

By Ty Young
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
October 4, 1999

Students lost in the rigors of college life were relieved Friday night by "Loveline" hosts Adam Carolla and Dr. Drew Pinsky, who brought their witty, informational radio and television show to UA.

The sold-out Centennial Hall audience was allowed to ask the hosts about any topic desired and was engaged by the problems of others, as well as a few interesting anecdotes from Carolla's storybook past.

The questions raised by the University of Arizona audience centered mainly around sex, drugs and having sex while using drugs.

Some students asked about their difficulties achieving orgasms. Another brought up an interesting story about her roommate's obsession with sheep. One student actually asked about her boyfriend's infatuation with implementing footwear into his bedroom activities.

After the presentation, Pinsky and Carolla said they were impressed by the audience's interaction, despite some of the strange questions.

"The show was very easy," Pinsky said. "They pretty much entertained us by themselves."

They also acknowledged that the views presented by the audience were not a reflection of the entire school.

"Some of them (audience questions) were pretty strange," Carolla said. "If all the questions were like that, I'd be very scared."

When the two took the stage, they were greeted by a standing ovation. One audience member held up a sign that said "We love Dr. Drew."

For every question presented, the two were prepared with not only advice, but interesting personal stories that had the crowd rolling.

When one audience member, an admitted marijuana smoker, asked about his difficulty reaching orgasm, Carolla asked the simple question, "Were you stoned at the time?"

"No, no. I was drunk," the audience member answered.

Responding to this, Carolla detailed the specifications of his newest invention, which combines the hydraulic motion of a water pipe with the now infamous penis-enlarging machine.

"Though, I'd really feel sorry for the next guy in line," he said.

In a response to one woman's question about her difficulties reaching orgasm, Carolla offered his own take on the matter.

"You can't even have an orgasm from oral sex? I could give you one," Carolla said. "You've been hangin' around with all these college boys, that's the problem."

The show concluded with appearance by Carolla's alter-ego, Tim the Russian rapper.

Although the show lasted nearly an hour and a half, some members of the audience expected more.

"I though it was good, but I expected it to be longer," said biological systems sophomore Emily Hamilton.

Afterwards, the reaction was mixed concerning how helpful the show was for the audience's concerns.

"It helped people with their sexual frustrations," general business sophomore Greg Zagnoev said.

Although the crowd laughed at the answers and stories given by the hosts, some felt that some audience members were just using the chance to get a reaction from the crowd.

When asked if the program actually helped anybody, Anna Young, a sophomore ecology and evolutionary biology major said, "Not really. It was just their chance to get in front of an audience and talk to Adam and Drew."

The dominating opinion about the show was that it was entertaining, especially with the dialogue between the hosts.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the show," said communication junior Jordan Smith. "I think Adam Carolla was really funny."

The show was highlighted by a few stories about Carolla's boyhood friend Ray, who had a unique method for shooting water out of his body. This story had the audience laughing to the point of tears.

Even after the show, the audience interaction left an impression on both Carolla and Pinsky.

"They were great," Pinsky said. "I'd love to come back here."

Afterwards, both came out and signed autographs for fans, despite their busy schedule.

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