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Arizona Daily Wildcat, August 26, 1999

No. 3 Arizona at No. 4 Penn State
Penn State favored by 4.5 points
No. 12 Miami (Fla.) vs. No. 9 Ohio State
Ohio State favored by 6 points
Kansas at No. 18 Notre Dame
Notre Dame favored by 17 points
North Carolina State at No. 16 Texas
Texas favored by 8.5 points
Louisiana Tech at No. 1 Florida State
Florida favored by 35 points
sports editor
Canidate, Northcutt, Smith, Arrington, Short and Macklin. These are all names that the nation will hear on Saturday. A great opening game Ų too bad that one team has to lose. Sorry Penn State, the Wildcats are no pushover this season. Arizona 17, Penn State 16 Without Edgerin James in the backfield the őCanes are vulnerable. But, they should be good enough to ensure that Ohio State again doesn‚t have a chance at the national championship. Give it up Coop, it‚s not gonna‚ happen. Miami 31, Ohio State 24 Take Kansas and the points, because Notre Dame isn‚t that good. They should win, but in typical Bob Davies style, at the end of the game on a winning field goal. The Irish will suffer again this season. Notre Dame 34, Kansas 24 No Ricky Williams, but hello Major Applewhite. Perhaps the most underrated quarterback in the nation will lead the őHorns to a great season and it would be fitting if they win big in their opener. Chris Simms‚ time has yet to come. Texas 49, North Carolina State 13 Bobby Bowden has only one national champion with all the great teams he has had in Tallahasee Ų that makes him the greatest underachiever in college football. No underachieving here as the Seminoles take their first step to New Orleans on Jan. 4. Florida State 51, Louisiana Tech 10
asst. sports ed.
Arizona goes into Happy Valley in the biggest game of the season. Big Ten teams traditionally start slowly, while Arizona‚s offense should be running well. Watch for Desert Swarm to make a comeback, mostly because commentators will be saying it all game long. Arizona 21, Penn State 13 I‚ll never be able to forgive Miami for beating UCLA last year, even though the Bruins deserved what they got. The Hurricanes are a touch overrated, while for once, the Buckeyes are a little underrated. The Bucks reign in Jersey. Ohio State 42, Miami 24 Notre Dame warms up for Michigan with the same teams they play every seasonŲ mediocre teams who want easy money. But isn‚t that the most important thing anyway? See you in the Insight.com Bowl Irish, because you aren‚t making the BCS. Notre Dame 19, Kansas 11 Not having Ricky Williams around will help the Longhorns, or at least I hope it will, because I‚m a Detroit Lions fan who will be suffering from a similar loss of a key running back. Texas 27, North Carolina State 14 Louisiana Tech lost some of the potency from one of the nation‚s most prolific passing attacks but is still danger-ous. They‚ll throw for 500 yards and wreak havoc with Bobby Bowden‚s de-fense, and still lose to the őNoles by 50. Florida State 63, Louisiana Tech 13
asst. sports ed.
Arizona opens the season with all eyes on them, but they won‚t be fighting their way to the top as the underdog this year. Instead, I predict they‚ll come out and show the east coast how we do it over here on the westside. Arizona 21, Penn State 17 Although the Buckeyes are having trouble eyeing up who‚s right for each position, with the wind at their back they‚ll be strong enough for the Hurricane. A close one, but no cigar for MiamiŲ this win is hangin‚ with Mr. Cooper. Ohio State 31, Miami 27 I know they‚ve been sliding, but I still gotta‚ side with the Irish Ų not to mention they‚ve got the homefield advantage. Plus, when was the last time Kansas came through in the clutch for a big game? It‚s cheers to the Irish. Notre Dame 35, Kansas 31 He may be a minor still, but Major Applewhite will take command of the őHorns this weekend. Williams‚ absence a problem? Nah, I think not, they‚ll still „passš right by the őPack. Texas 35, North Carolina State 14 They‚re number one and they‚ll prove why by starting the season with a high score on the boards. It‚ll be a brutal battle as the Seminoles prove why Lousiana should just stick to its technology and head to the buses at halftime. Florida St. 49, Lousiana Tech 7
sports reporter
Penn State‚s got a suffocating defense, but they have a slight problem. Namely an offense that‚s one dimensional. Considering how UA did in stopping the run last year, and with Northcutt‚s ability to dominate PSU‚s cornerbacks, and... uh-oh, upset time. Arizona 17, Penn State 13 To hell with the Big Easy, er, East. This conference smeared the BCS last year, and this year Miami is supposed to be a legitimate team. Yeah, right. Those big Ohio boys put the future cast of America‚s Most Wanted back in their place. Ohio State 28, Miami 10 Most Irish eyes are on the NCAA and what‚s going to happen to their program in the wake of all the recent news about booster problems. Luckily for them, being distracted for this game won‚t hurt. Notre Dame 35, Kansas 17 The perennially overrated Longhorns face the perennially underrated Wolfpack. Everyone gets to see who from Texas‚ No. 1 recruiting class can play in this one. That‚s about the only reason to watch, too. Texas 27, North Carolina State 16 Oh, please. Like there‚s any doubt regarding this game. Bobby Bowden usually doesn‚t schedule cupcakes, but he‚s guilty here. The only question is will the Seminoles beat the spread? Here‚s the answer... Florida State 72, Louisiana Tech 3
sports reporter
To make this respectable, they asked someone to volunteer to pick Penn State, so I said I would. Besides, since when has the Psychic Friends Network been wrong? Penn State 24, Arizona 17 Ohio State has to blow their national title hopes sometime, so it may as well be against a talented Hurricane team. The Buckeyes depleted talent pool suffers from a lack of Tiffin, Ohio recruits. Miami 21, Ohio State 20 Potato-Eating Irishmen vs. Bread Basket FarmersŲ It seems like a give-take relationship but the Irish are too much. Drink a pint of Caffrey‚s, eat some Lucky Charms and dance a jig. Notre Dame 30, Kansas 14 Texas quarterback Applewhite has a cool name and a good arm, and wideout Kwame Cavil is faster than a pizza boy on ritalin. NC State can‚t handle the passing attack. Texas 35, North Carolina State 14 Not fair, like Mike Tyson vs. a circus midget riding a unicycle. Louisiana Tech loses in a ear-biter. Flordia State 98, Lousiana Tech 3

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