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Tradition losing to modernity

By Zachary Neal
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 5, 1999
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To the editor,

I was a little disheartened when I read the headline in the Nov. 3 Wildcat, that "Flandrau's fate is sealed with approval of Prop 400."

I wonder where students will go for Pink Floyd laser shows, whether students will have the same sorts of internship opportunities, and what will become of the landmark dome, sidewalk, sundial and relief map of the moon outside. But my spirits were lifted when I realized that it's all for the best ... it's all in the name of progress, right? After all, that's why we're getting rid of Flandrau. That's why we're getting rid of Gallagher Theatre. That's why we're getting rid of the vast expanse of grassy land in front of the library. Why else but to bring ourselves into the next millennium, not bogged down by old historic buildings and memorable gathering places. We want to enter the next millennium in style.

And so, this leads me to my proposal. Certainly we don't want our campus to have any historical appeal, and we can't let on to incoming freshmen that the university still operates in any buildings constructed of wood.

Besides, I noticed yesterday that even the stairs are a little creaky! Therefore, as long as the wrecking ball will be on campus for the Memorial Student Union, let's tear down Old Main too. It's worthlessness is inherent even in the name - Old Main. Just imagine it ... we could be the first campus in the world with a spiffy New Main, decked out with shiny glass and steel accents. After all, it would all be in the name of progress, right?

Zachary Neal

Philosophy junior

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