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Loss not Tomey's fault

By Eric Mortensen
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 8, 1999
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To the editor,

As a fan of the athletics here at the UA and as someone who has had the opportunity to attend the football games here, I am almost disgusted at the lack of understanding displayed by the fans here and how fast they are to simply blame Coach Tomey. I have been able to watch the games from the middle of the student section, and it seems that I am constantly surrounded by shouts of "Fire Tomey!" and "You suck, Tomey!" While I am not the biggest Dick Tomey fan and agree that, at times, he uses interesting plays, to say the least, I am disappointed by my fellow Wildcats. After almost every play that did not favor UA, the students would blame Tomey.

I feel that I need to affirm the fact that players are just as responsible, if not more, than the coach. This season, the team has underachieved beyond belief (with apologies to Marcus Bell and Dennis Northcutt, who have played out of their minds). Once that play starts, it is entirely up to the athletes to make the plays. The coach cannot go out there and play for them. And as for the play calling, with a few exceptions like running on third and 20, it has not been that bad. The players have just not executed. It's that simple.

So, I ask those who are calling for Tomey's job to stop. It's not entirely his fault that the Wildcats have not lived up to expectations. It's the entire team's fault.

Eric Mortensen

Computer Science Freshman

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