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Tucson police find new leads in Cat Man case

By Audrey DeAnda
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
August 30, 1999

Tucson police released the description Thursday of a man who may be the "Cat Man" - the reported serial burglar and sexual offender who has been victimizing the Midtown area since 1992.

Police suspect one man of committing 13 crimes, and up until now have had no investigative leads in the case.

On Aug. 1, a burglary attributed to the Cat Man occurred in the area of North Santa Rita Avenue and East Lee Street.

During the burglary, the victim's wallet - containing a credit card- was stolen.

Later that day the card was used at a Target store, 3901 W. Ina Road and at a K-Mart, 4075 W. Ina Road.

On Thursday, the Tucson Police Department released pictures of a man and the items he purchased with the stolen card.

"We're not prepared to say he is the Cat Man," said TPD Sgt. Judy Altieri.

According to police, the man purchased a variety of men's clothing, baby clothing and accessories, and camping gear with the stolen credit card.

Since the release of the latest information, police have received many tips, Altieri said.

"(The detectives) have been working through the weekend on numerous leads," she said. "At this point we don't have anyone in custody."

The Cat Man received his name because he meets the definition of a cat burglar, Altieri said.

According to Tucson Police, there are 13 cases attributed to the Cat Man since 1992.

All of the cases have involved a man entering the residences of single women while they were asleep.

According to police, the man has stolen jewelry, purses and money, and in some cases, reportedly sexually assaulted the victims during the break-ins.

Police said the Cat Man's target area is between North Stone Avenue and North Alvernon Way, from East Glenn Street to East Fifth Street.

Victims have described the Cat Man as a stocky white male in his 40s, about 6 feet tall and weighing about 180-225 pounds.

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