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Columnist's beliefs encourage 'harm to people all over the country'

By Jonathan Kandell
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 29, 1999
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To the editor,

Sometimes discrimination is done directly in a nasty, vicious manner. More often these days, discrimination is couched in soft words and a genteel presentation. Nick Zeckets editorial on gay marriage ("Church Fights a Losing Battle," Nov. 22) is an example of such discrimination with a velvet glove.

Zeckets elaborates how gays should be celibate, how the Bible forbids same sex marriage, how Rev. Jimmy Creech should have been defrocked for conducting a gay marriage - but how none of this means the gay Christian is not "loved" by his or her flock. "The fact is, God loves all his children, no matter their sexual orientation, but God has rules and churches have rules."

But what exactly does "love" mean if it denies people the chance for sex, marriage, children, a career, and other important aspects of life? Love becomes just an empty phrase. You can't talk about how you love people and then deny them the right to activities integral to human happiness! And to do so with a smile on one's face and regret in one's heart doesn't make it any less cruel.

Zeckets argues at length that the United Methodist Church is within its legal rights to refuse to marry gays. Well, yes; but so what? No one disputes their legal right - but are they right?

Just because Nick Zeckets unfairly discriminates against gays does not imply he is a nasty person in his heart. However, the rules and practices he supports cause harm to people all over the country.

Jonathan Kandell

Graduate student,

ASU School of Social Work

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