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Overpopulation is a myth

By Michael Green
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
November 30, 1999
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To the editor,

I almost don't want to give a reply to Ashley Weaver's ideas because I thought no one is really that ignorant, she must be trying to just make people like me mad. The last line of this article explains it all: journalism freshman. I won't make fun of age or inexperience, but I think journalism is a joke. Why do we need a profession that feeds information to other people? I think journalists should just gather info and let people access what they want.

Overpopulation is a myth. It is a silly idea. It is not a global issue. Some places in the world have a hard time with hunger, but not everyone.

Americans and Europeans generally live a good life. It is a geographically limited problem. Food shortages are caused by faulty government, not over using the environment. So how many ways can we refute your ideas?

Can I keep it short?

From the religious point of view: man is not a virus or lice infecting the earth. The world was created for him to inhabit. Man is God's crowning creation. God has provided all that we need and given us rules to govern ourselves and our resources: 1) Be nice. 2) Share. If your issue is how we help others to enjoy all the blessings we have then I will support you in changes you want to make. I am a Christian who believes in helping the less fortunate but giving must be voluntary, never mandated by law (taxes). I think this population myth is a lie inspired of evil.

Earth's resources will control population only by extreme famine. Not all people react like we do to poverty and starvation. Sometimes poor people have many kids to help them get out of dire straits. Families want more kids so they have more human resources to grow more crops or earn more money. The culture is different. Your political correctness won't allow you to say they are handling it wrong.

Grain production can be increased at will. Our silly government pays people not to grow food. Is there a danger in having more carbon dioxide than before?

Global warming is a myth, bordering on a conspiracy. Plants love carbon dioxide and warmth and they will grow more. Maybe the starving people will have more food. Maybe our industrialization is feeding them indirectly. We can look forward to a greener earth. I think I will run my car all night as a gift to all the cold, starving people.

Pollution is the No. 1 killer of children? I thought that was handguns!

Aren't all those crazy drug addicts doing each other in? What is your favorite crusade this week?

If you believe in biology rather than God, why do you care? Scientists aren't supposed to save dying lion cubs when their mom is injured. They watch as the hyenas rip them apart. So please just study the world impartially as we Darwin ourselves into oblivion. Man is just a virus, right? The ecosystem is not fragile. Who told you it was? They lied. You may want to question everything else they said, too. The world is incredibly complex and fixes every problem you could think of. Well, outside of nuclear holocaust. I doubt we would survive that. But the dinosaurs couldn't turn that asteroid away like Hollywood says we can. Or would that be tampering with biological evolution again? We should bow to statistics and die. Why don't you lead the "Save-The-Planet" charge and commit a very late term abortion thereby lessening the intensity of this horrible infection?

Erosion is a natural process, can't speak ill of it. Don't speak ill of my grandparents either. They are not bored because they are old.

"Five hundred kids in a lecture hall ." Don't get me started on public education.

Michael Green

Engineering senior

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