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Alcohol policy misunderstood

By Jennifer Fischer
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
December 1, 1999
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To the editor,

I'm writing to you in response to your editorial in the Monday, Nov. 29 paper. The article was titled "New fraternity alcohol policy solves nothing." I was disgusted by the way you portrayed the Greek system and how misinformed of the facts you seemed to be.

I am part of the Greek system and I am also Panhellenic delegate for my sorority so I have been to the meetings which thoroughly discussed the IFC's new alcohol policy proposal and the individual sororities' national organizations' newest policies. This proposal that the IFC is proposing is in response to the sororities nationals coming down on them and mandating that they cannot participate in activities with any fraternity that is not alcohol free. This is not a University of Arizona-based idea. This is a national rule that will take place as of fall 2000 for majority of the sororities except for Sigma Kappa.

The Greek system is being very mature about matters and proposing a new idea to nationals is the only choice they have. I think that the Wildcat needs to start looking at the facts a little more before they jump in and start writing articles about things they know nothing about. Read the proposal again and actually read it this time. Contact the Panhellenic office, too. You will realize that the sororities are just as much a part of this proposal as well and support it 100 percent.

Jennifer Fischer

Communications junior

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