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Religions have right to condemn

By Philip Waina
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
December 1, 1999
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To the editor,

Joseph P. Marotta wrote on Nov. 24, "I don't have the right to condemn anyone for conducting a homosexual marriage, and neither does the Church, if one of their ordained ministers, raised and trained in the faith, sees it fit to conduct a homosexual marriage." A private religious organization has the right to condemn whatever practices it deems to be a contrast to a moral society.

The judicial exercise of turning private entities into public accommodations to fulfill a neo-liberal agenda of mandated tolerance only serves to further erode our individual freedoms. Such rejection of the right to condemn is typical of the new leftist religion of tolerance that permeates academia and the media - this extends far beyond the homosexual movement. The new liberals (nothing like classical liberals) want to remove the right of an individual and groups to hold negative opinions about any group in society. This is far more dangerous than any condemnation.

When the government controls our ability to condemn and protest, they will control our lives. Such is the mandate of the emerging new world socialism put forth by the European Union, the United Nations, and the Clinton movement of new global democrats.

Societal dysfunction is bound to increase if we are forced to accept a lowest common denominator tolerance instead of exercising personal standards in society to establish a framework. The message that liberals and conservatives should both understand is that everyone's individual freedoms will be diminished in the long term if we allow the government to increasingly regulate our lives.

Philip Waina

Economics B.A., 1993 graduate

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