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By Dylan McKinley
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
December 2, 1999
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University police responded to a UA fraternity house Tuesday after three members of the fraternity reported property stolen from their rooms, police reports stated.

The three students, members of Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, 1801 E. First St., had more than $7,000 in computer equipment stolen between Nov. 11 and Wednesday, reports stated.

The first student noticed on Wednesday his laptop computer, carrying case and two CD-ROM games were stolen. The items are valued at an estimated $2,000.

The second student had a Toshiba laptop, power adapter, a Nintendo 64 entertainment system, games and controllers stolen from his room over the past two weeks.

He told police the person who stole the laptop and power adapter had to be familiar with his room because the adapter was not attached to the computer and was plugged into the wall behind a couch, reports stated.

The student also had two rented Blockbuster Nintendo 64 video games stolen from his room in the house.

The laptop computer is valued at $3,000, the Nintendo 64 system is valued at $130, the Nintendo 64 games are valued at $120, and the Nintendo 64 controllers are valued at $120.

A manager at Blockbuster Video, 1927 E. Speedway Blvd., was notified about the stolen games and said he would contact his superior.

The third fraternity member had a Compaq laptop computer stolen from his room sometime between 1 a.m. Nov. 23 and 6:30 p.m. Nov. 24, reports stated.

The laptop is valued at an estimated $1,300.

According to reports, all three men said their rooms are usually unlocked and other fraternity members have access to the rooms.

Police spoke with Phi Gamma Delta's president and he told police he would schedule a chapter meeting and pass along any information about the stolen items.

UAPD officers responded yesterday afternoon to a burning vehicle in a UA parking lot, reports stated.

An officer arrived at Hopi Residence Hall, 1440 E. Fifth St., at about 6:14 p.m. to check on the fire.

According to reports, the officer saw a 1987 Toyota Celica with flames coming from the engine compartment.

He attempted to put the fire out with an extinguisher from his patrol car, but the flames continued to spread.

The Tucson Fire Department arrived on the scene soon after and put the fire out.

The owner of the vehicle told police he had the engine replaced at a local auto mechanic shop and had to take the car back in after noticing a rapid loss of gasoline.

The shop told the man his car was fixed, but the Tucson Fire Department said the fire started because of a faulty connection between the fuel line and carburetor.

A UA employee called police Tuesday after someone stole the tire from a bike he was borrowing from a friend, reports stated.

The employee parked the bike at the Life Sciences North building, 1333 N. Martin Ave., before the tire was stolen.

He was walking by the patio where the bike racks are located when he saw a man running away from the building carrying a bike tire, reports stated.

The employee immediately ran to his friend's bike and found the tire missing.

He called UAPD and both police and the employee searched for the man with the stolen tire. The suspect was not found.

The employee notified the owner of the bike about the tire, which is valued at an estimated $50.

A UA student called police Tuesday after his cellular phone was stolen from a room in a UA building, reports stated.

The student was working with 40 to 60 other students at about 9 p.m. in the Architecture building, 1040 N. Olive Road, when his cellular phone was stolen.

He said he left the phone on a table and when he looked for the phone at about 10 p.m., it was missing.

He didn't see who took the phone, and no one he talked to in the room saw the phone, reports stated.

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