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Pac-10 football, Stanford students disappointing


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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Brett Erickson

By Brett Erickson
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 12, 2000
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Happenings from around the sports world during the last month ...

Pac-10 football teams capped off a disappointing regular season with a pathetic showing in the bowl season. With the exception of Oregon, which impressively defeated a balanced Minnesota squad, Pac-10 teams proved the conference is seriously lacking in defense and discipline.

Arizona State was whipped by Wake Forest, Oregon State lost to powerhouse Hawaii, Stanford was bullied by Wisconsin and Kansas State defeated Washington.

It is too early to determine if Pac-10 teams simply had a miserable year or if the conference is in decline, but a lot of work needs to be done to keep it in reach of the Big Ten, SEC and the rest of the "big boys." For starters, coaches need to do a better job of keeping Blue Chip recruits here in the West. Also, after seeing the job that Tommy Bowden (Clemson), Mike DuBose (Alabama) and Tom O'Brien (Boston College) did to resurrect stagnant programs, Pac-10 athletic directors should be looking for the next coach capable of turning around a team.

The Stanford student section, not Mark Madsen or Casey Jacobson, was the biggest disappointment in Saturday's 68-65 UA mens' hoops victory over the Cardinal. The heckling abilities of the Maple's Pavilion faithful were more over-hyped than Y2K, and they certainly aren't the "Duke of the West" as they claim to be. "Left, right, left, right" chants as UA players walked to the bench were the best that these so-called geniuses could muster up. And, while they were reminding Jason Gardner of a first-half airball, he calmly dropped in 22 points and led the Wildcats to the upset victory.

Unfortunately,though, Stanford's student section is still better than McKale Center's ...

After leaving the Chicago Bulls, Scottie Pippen quickly demonstrated that while he is a solid player, he certainly isn't one of the NBA's 50 greatest, as he was pegged by the league three years ago. Without a certain number 23 playing along side him, Pippen would still be looking for his first NBA ring.

Phil Jackson, however, is continuing to prove that his ability as a coach was underestimated in Chicago. The job he's done with the Los Angeles Lakers is nothing short of spectacular. Shaq, Kobe, and company have adapted to the triangle offense, and they are playing better basketball than any team in the league right now.

The Denver Broncos are the defending Super Bowl champions for 18 more days, when Payton Manning will win his first title and officially take the torch from John Elway as the AFC's next great quarterback.

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