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ILC foundation to be poured


Arizona Daily Wildcat

The Integrated Learning Center construction site awaits further work Monday morning east of the UA Mall. Excavation was finished in December and within the next few weeks, the foundation will begin to take shape.

By Georgia Fildes
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 19, 2000
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The foundation for the ILC will begin taking shape within the next few weeks after an excavation of more than three months.

Excavation was completed before winter break on the University of Arizona's new freshmen facility, the Integrated Learning Center, said Hydrometrics project manager Matthew Hazen.

"Excavation went pretty smooth, and we completed everything on schedule," said Hazen, whose firm is the project's subcontractor.

The excavation was the most difficult part of the construction, said Melissa Dryden, project manager for UA Facilities Design and Construction.

"The excavation was the most challenging part because of all of the dirt that had to be taken out to dig the hole," Dryden said. "We had a real success with the excavation."

Over break, Hydrometrics worked with reclaimed water and chilled water, which is used for building cooling, said Ed Murray, assistant director for Facilities Design and Construction.

"We think it went well," Murray said. "We accomplished everything on time."

Hydrometrics officials were working with the chilled water lines near the cactus garden and Flandrau Science Center, Dryden said.

Some of the neighboring buildings - including the Flandrau Planetarium and the Student Health Center - had to be shut down so Hydrometrics could work with the water pipes, Murray said.

The work that Hydrometrics did with the water lines is completed right now, but it is temporary because there will be more work done in the summer when the campus is not so full, Dryden said.

The work was done over break because many students would not be here, Dryden said.

The break allowed them to go outside of their fenced area and work closer to the library, Dryden said.

Over the next few weeks, Hydrometrics workers will begin putting in the rebar to form the exterior walls, he said.

This semester, students will be seeing the placement of the concrete for the footing and the foundation, Dryden said, but they should not expect to encounter any problems.

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