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UA committee delays decision on child care funds

By Hillary Davis
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 19, 2000
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UA student parents hoping for a $25,000 increase in child care funding may have to wait another month before a decision is made whether they will receive the money.

Members of the University of Arizona Budget Committee meeting were slated to discuss the possible funding hike at their meeting yesterday. However, the issue was postponed while the committee reviewed topics regarding the Capital Improvement Plan, said Saundra Taylor, vice president for campus life.

The Capital Improvement Plan concerns the construction and additions to campus buildings - such as the Integrative Learning Center - and renovations to existing facilities.

Taylor said the review was to prepare UA President Peter Likins to update the Arizona Board of Regents at the meeting in Phoenix tomorrow and Friday.

However, issues for the 2001 budget cycle yet to be considered - including the child care initiative - are still a priority with UA officials.

"We still have to review all (the items) that are on the table for 2001," Taylor said. "We all agreed that time is running out - we need to do this in the next month."

Cisco Aguilar, Associate Students president and a main proponent of the proposed budget increase, said he was disappointed that the child care initiative was not addressed.

Aguilar acknowledged that although CIP activities are important, he was still hoping the initiative would receive quick attention. Even if the child care funding was approved, it would not take affect until next fall

"I am disappointed - I'd like to see it get done as soon as possible," he said.

Taylor agreed that the child care issue needs to be voted on soon.

"There is an urgency in that we need to resolve this," she said.

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