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By Audrey DeAnda
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
September 1, 1999

University police arrested a man Monday night after stopping him for a traffic violation and discovering that he had five outstanding warrants, police reports stated.

An officer stopped the 1992 Pontiac Grand Prix at the corner of East Sixth Street and North Santa Rita Avenue, reports stated.

The driver of the car, Oswaldo Santiago, 21, of the 700 block of East 38th Street, said he did not have any identification but told police his name was Barabas Santiago, reports stated.

A background check on the name Barabas Santiago showed he had a suspended driver license and he had a warrant for failure to appear in court on bad check writing charges, reports stated.

Police arrested Santiago, who later revealed he had given the name of his brother, reports stated.

Santiago said his real name was Oswaldo Santiago. A background check on that name showed he had five outstanding warrants against him from several law enforcement agencies and his driver license was suspended, reports stated.

Police confirmed his identification and arrested him on suspicion of giving false information to police and driving with a suspended license, then served him the five warrants reports stated.

Santiago was booked into Pima County Jail on a $2,643 bond.

A student was arrested Monday afternoon after he reportedly shoplifted.

Joseph Kish, 18, of the 1000 block of East Eighth Street, was spotted by security cameras at the UA Associated Students Bookstore, 1209 E. University Blvd., taking a daily planner, reports stated.

Kish admitted to police that he did take the planner, put it in his backpack and tried to walk out of the store and was later confronted by bookstore security, reports stated.

Kish was cited on suspicion of shoplifting and released at the scene.

A Tucson woman was arrested Monday morning after police discovered an outstanding warrant against her.

Police went to a Texaco Star Mart, 501 N. Park Ave., at about 3 a.m. after a couple was reported to be fighting in the parking lot, reports stated.

The Star Mart employee who reported the incident said he had told the couple to leave "at least five times," reports stated.

Officers saw Edna Davis, 25, of the 1000 block of East Seventh Street, arguing with a man, reports stated. Davis told police she lived with the man.

Earlier that night, they began arguing after he disturbed her while she tried to sleep. Davis said they decided to walk to Star Mart and their argument continued, reports stated.

A background check on Davis showed she had an outstanding warrant against her for failing to appear in court on a public drinking charge, reports stated.

Police served the warrant and transported Davis to pre-trial services. The man was told to go home, reports stated.

Police went to a UA residence hall Monday morning in response to a suspected marijuana smell coming from one of the rooms.

Officers went to the Apache-Santa Cruz Residence Hall, 1420 E. Fifth St., at about 2:20 a.m. after an anonymous call was placed, reports stated.

Police located the room where the smell was originating, reports stated.

When officers knocked on the door, they heard voices inside the room and the sound of objects being moved around, reports stated. A resident assistant told the occupants to open the door.

According to reports, the three female students inside had red, watery eyes.

The students told police they took a long time to answer because they had been sleeping, reports stated.

The officers said they heard voices and objects moving when they first knocked on the door. The students responded with a variety of excuses, reports stated.

An officer took one student aside and questioned her. She admitted that they had smoked marijuana earlier that night and they still had some left, reports stated.

The student gave police the remaining suspected marijuana from her desk drawer, reports stated.

Police enrolled the girls in the UA's Diversion Program, reports stated.

A student called police Saturday night to report that a man was possibly stalking her.

The student said since July 26, she has noticed an unknown man watching her while she studied in the Health Sciences Library, 1501 N. Campbell Ave., reports stated.

The woman said she noticed him on several different occasions but the man has never approached her. She said he is starting to make her feel very uncomfortable, reports stated.

The student did not know if the man had followed her to other places and she was not sure if the man was a UA student, reports stated.

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