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Arizona Daily Wildcat, September 1, 1999

No. 15 Arizona at Texas Christian
Arizona favored by 13.5 points
No. 16 Notre Dame at #7 Michigan
Michigan favored by 8.5 points
Texas Tech at #25 Arizona State
Arizona State favored by 6.5 points
Oregon at Michigan State
Michigan State favored by 9 points
Colorado State vs. #14 Colorado, in Denver

Colorado favored by 13 points

sports editor
The Wildcats are looking to get on track after a serious lesson last week, but if they think they can ride into Fort Worth and handle the Frogs, they got another thing coming. 13.5 points, are you kidding me? Texas Christian 24 Arizona 23 This great rivalry has been tainted by selfish people in South Bend. Personally, I hate the ćVictorsä, but I will root for them Saturday. Notre Dame falls to a real opponent and begins their run at another crappy season. Michigan 31 Notre Dame 17 The other Ricky Williams will be on display and the Sun Devils will get burned. Tech is no throw away team and they will embarrass ASU on their turf. Too bad Jake canāt come out and play. Texas Tech 24 Arizona State 21 I have faith. Really, I do. A team from the Pac-10 can go into a Big Ten stadium and beat them. It will happen tomorrow night in East Lansing. Expect some more riots of the not-so-nice kind. Oregon 31 Michigan State 24 Bobby Bowden has only one national champion with all the great teams he has had in Tallahasee ö that makes him the greatest underachiever in college football. No underachieving here as the Seminoles take their first step to New Orleans on Jan. 4. Florida State 51 Louisiana Tech 10
asst. sports ed.
We all saw what happened last weekend and if it happens again to Arizona, the Horned Frogs will win big. Fortunately, Arizona should pull through after the embarrassing loss to Penn State, but donāt expect any fireworks. Arizona 27 Texas Christian 23 UM sophomore quarterback Drew Henson could come into this game and never be on the bench again. But, since the maize and blue is overrated, they will fall to the Irish, just as they did early in the season last year. Notre Dame 24 Michigan 17 Ricky2 takes center stage against the Sun Devils, who recently tainted the latest issue of Maxim magazine by putting an advertisement for season tickets inside. The Sun Devils like playing with fire, and often do they get burned. Texas Tech 38 Arizona State 35 A Thursday night drunk-fest in East Lansing, but what event isnāt there? Freshman linebacker T.J. Duckett will make an impression on the Ducks, post-Akili, and give the Big Ten a 2-0 record against the Pac. Michigan State 31 Oregon 20 The Buffaloes will try to get back to the level they were at earlier this decade, while Colorado State remains a solid 9-3 or 8-4 team. After a couple near misses, the Rams need a big win for credibility. And what better stage than Mile High Stadium? Colorado State 17 Colorado 14
asst. sports ed.
A Christian school on the Sabbath day, the Wildcats need to do some praying that last week was just a fluke. TCU will be out to prove otherwise, but as long as the UA defense is awake, they will prove that they still got a good team. Arizona 35 Texas Christian 7 UM coach Carr is complaining the Irish fought behind his back in their game last weekend because he wanted to be their season opener. To get back at them, heās keeping his QB a secret to all. Just play football and stop the bickering. Michigan 24 Notre Dame 21 May the hunt for the Heisman winner begin Monday. His name may appear as a shoe-in for contending, but Ricky Williams has some tough competition. ASUās J.R. Redmond will win this battle for the team, earning him high marks with the Heisman voters. Arizona State 42 Texas Tech 35 The Ducks took Īem down, and took Īem down hard last year, but Michigan Stateās injured list is much shorter this year and the taste of revenge due to the embarrassing loss last season will be bitter sweet. Michigan State 27 Oregon 17 Itās the Rocky Mountain Horror Picture Showdown: Part II, starring the Rams. The Buffs know the territory, and if not only one quarterback should help a win, then itāll be 1-2-3 strikes against the Rams as Colorado introduces their three QB rotation. Colorado 42 Colorado State 28
sports reporter
Last year Arizona lost to UCLA and looked like a lifeless corpse. For about a week. This year they have eight days to prepare for a TCU team thatās too young and lost too many good run-blockers. The Wildcats live, starting on Sunday. Arizona 28 Texas Christian 7 Kansas made the Irish break a sweat last weekend. The Wolverines will make them break into a cold sweat, quickly sweeping aside any silly notion that Notre Dame is a national championship contender. Michigan 27 Notre Dame 20 This one goes out to my friend Erik, whoās down from Lubbock to root for his school against his sisterās vile institution of pseudo-learning. I gave the Scum Devils no breaks last year, nor this. Ricky Williams out-rushes J.R. Redmond. Texas Tech 35 Arizona State 34 The Ducks have no offense. The Spartans are out for blood after last yearās debacle. This one will be about as pretty as a certain game in State College, Penn., was last week. The Pac-10 drops to 0-2 vs. the Big Ten. Michigan State 48 Oregon 13 Remember that crappy 80ās movie ćThe Seventh Signä with Demi Moore about the end of the world? Well, the end of the world is exactly what will happen if the Rams beat the Buffaloes at any point in history. Colorado 27 Colorado State 13

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