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Proposed regulations absurd

By Creighton Anderson
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 24, 2000
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To the editor,

I must disagree with Rep. Jean McGrath and her attempts to press her personal moral beliefs on the adults which attend college. Rep. Jean McGrath believes that universities should "allow students to use campus Internet connections only for specific educational purposes." Not only would students using the free Internet connection in the resident halls not be able to view porn, but they also could not as McGrath pointed out, write or access Web pages on political candidates in trying to decide who to vote for. It should also be pointed out that resident hall students e-mailing their friends or parents about personal issues would also be breaking the law under McGrath's bill, as these acts would be non-educational uses of Internet connections.

Also, contrary to Chad Farley's letter to the editor on January 21, the university is not incurring any financial responsibility when a student views porn or writes an e-mail to their friends or parents. The same amount of money is spent by the university Internet system whether a student views the UA Web page, porn or does not view anything at all. Contrary to what Chad believes, moral reasons, not financial reasons are the driving force behind McGrath's bills.

This is abundantly clear in McGrath's fourth bill which ban's opposite-sex visitors from dorm rooms. There is no financial saving by enacting this bill. It is designed to push McGrath's personal moral beliefs on the adults which attend the University of Arizona. Perhaps McGrath should be required to provide a moral description of herself in addition to the course descriptions she requires of classes. I believe she has more hidden agendas than any Women's Study class supposedly has.

Creighton Anderson

Material science and engineering senior

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