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Rights should be protected

By Brad Towne
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 24, 2000
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To the editor,

After reading the article on McGrath's legislation that may or may not be passed, I realized she is onto something. I mean, of course it makes sense that a student; who is 18 years old and can die in a war protecting McGrath's shriveled up face (from being in the sun for so long) should not be allowed to have sex with another member of society. By the way, anyone who is homosexual, you're fine for now, but just wait until she gets into her homophobic routine early next year. Not allowing members of the opposite sex into dorm rooms is even more important when the students are paying the state to live there! The basis for this bill is that freshmen have a high drop out rate. McGrath's belief is that sex must be the reason. I assume this is because she has never had it yet, and now that she is old and ugly, will never have the chance. It's the "I'm bringing you all down with me!" act.

Using her logic, I now know what is wrong with all politics. Lets face it, politics are the most dysfunctional unit of society, and it must be because of sex. Hence, I think that we need to start getting signatures for Proposition 69. It will be called "Lets all live like McGrath".

It will comprise of a few rules:

1) Politicians should never meet with the opposite sex. The sexual tension hurts effective politics. (Any feminists out there, do not get too upset, you control the most important offices, it will be the men who are left out!)

2) Politicians are not paid by the hour, thus they really are never "off-duty". As a concerned citizen who wants to see a more effectively run government, I think no politician should be allowed to stay in the same house with a member of the opposite sex. Part of this proposition would be housing all the politicians in a newly built dorm, called "El Virgen" ... this simply translates into "The Virgin," which I think every member of society should be. It is obvious that sex ruins one's job, and thoughts of sex are poison to society.

3) We bring back Puritan clothing and start painting politicians who break these rules with a scarlet letter. What better way to bring in the 21st Century than to bring back a founding tradition of America, the "Witch Hunt." Of course, we'll call it the "Sexually Active Hunt", and this will be done to find out the unpure politicians. Like McCarthyism, all you really need to do to prove someone is sexually active is name them, and they're guilty.

I am not trying to be mean to politicians, I just want to stop spending my tax dollars to promote sexual feelings and activities, which endanger America's politicians.

Brad Towne

Accounting senior

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