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'Must beat ASU'

By Dan Rosen
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 25, 2000
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Are you starting to believe now that the Pac-10 winner will have about two or three losses?

Yeah, at first I didn't believe you, but you never know. Hopefully that is our only loss. That is the great thing about the Pac-10, there is so much parity and it is hard to win on the road. We have to beat Arizona State on Wednesday night.

What did Coach Olson say after the USC game?

Well he was disappointed, but he wasn't disappointed in our effort. He thought that we played hard, but it was just one of those things where they hit some incredible shots and we didn't hit our shots and that happens sometimes. One thing that you can always do is play defense and we have to make sure that every game we come out we have to be at the top of our game defensively.

Gilbert (Arenas) was guarding Jeff Trepagnier Saturday and did pretty well defensively. Is he going to play against Eddie House on Wednesday?

He will be one of the guys matched up on him, obviously. Gilbert is a great defender and he has done a great job all year and this will be a huge test for him Wednesday. But if anyone can guard House, Gilbert can do the job. House is a great, great player and it is going to be a great matchup between him and Gilbert.

Who would you say is the MVP of the team?

That is a tough question because everyone has done their part. You know some guys may have scored more than others. For instance, if you look at UCLA, Luke Walton didn't score but he played great defensively. Everyone has played big - Michael Wright has had big games, Jason Gardner has had big games, Loren Woods has had big games, so it is hard to say. Right now if I had to give an MVP, I would give it to the whole team.

What about recruiting, how has that been going? You had it set at the beginning of the season, but now you are forced to play catch-up.

It's tough with the recruiting due to the simple fact that we had a lot of guys transfer and leave the program - so we didn't have to sign anyone early due to the fact that we were full with no scholarships. So that kind of put us in a bind because there aren't any great, great players in terms of top 25-50 players left that (are) available to sign. But, that is the nature of the game nowadays. With this program, though, and with Coach Olson, it will survive.

Dan Rosen can be reached at Dan.Rosen@wildcat.arizona.edu.

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