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Super Bowl week not all it's cracked up to be


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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Joshua McClain

By Joshua McClain
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 27, 2000
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The Super Bowl is here again so let all the fans rejoice. Wall to wall coverage on every sports media outlet with pundits from all walks of life wading into the foray to give you their two bits on Super Bowl XXXIV.

Well here is this reporters 15 seconds on the soap box.

Watching the Super Bowl's Media Day festivities allowed me to come to some realizations...the players have to put up with some of the worst questioning known to man.

With media outlets from around the world covering the largest single event in sports, players are simply sheep being led to slaughter.

The Super Bowl is always a circus, and last year the Falcons gave the sideshow top billing. Safety Eugene Robinson felt that he needed a little more than the usual motivation for the game and solicited an undercover cop for prostitution.

Robinson spent the night in jail without sleeping, and was picked apart by the aging John Elway.

And who can forget Ray Buchanan showing up wearing a dog collar saying that the Falcons were the underdogs while guaranteeing a victory.

Buchanan was wrong. And of course, his arrogance simply provided fuel for the fire that was the well oiled machine of the 1998 Broncos.

This year's show doesn't promise to be the spectacle of last season's, which should be a point of excitement for football fans.

This season the NFL got it right and took away the dead week between the Championship games and the Super Bowl. This will allow for much less distractions for all of those involved.

No stories about Kurt Warner and company living it up in the craziness that is downtown Atlanta.

No chances that Eddie George and fellows commence in some tomfoolery.

That means all of the focus will be on the game.

Titans versus Rams.

Focusing on the game, the matchup should not be the usual one sided beating. Both teams offer different styles of play and their game earlier this season had a fantastic ending.

Tennessee opened the game by ripping off 21 straight points, and St. Louis responded after half-time, matching those 21 points. After a Titans field goal, the Rams waited until the closing seconds to watch Jeff Wilkins miss.

Look for more of the same Sunday as the Titans hoist the trophy.

At the end of an exciting game, let the fans rejoice.

Joshua McClain is a junior majoring in history and journalism and can be reached at Joshua.McClain@wildcat.arizona.edu

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