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Grad students oppose McGrath bills

By Graduate and Professional Student Council
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 1, 2000
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To the editor,

The Graduate and Professional Student Council (GPSC) opposes passage of bills HB 2024 and HB 2023. They significantly restrict the ability of faculty and students to promote creativity and innovation in research and education.

HB 2024 limits Internet access to sexually graphic material without reference to legitimate educational or research value. Unrestricted access to all types of information, including sexually graphic material, is critical to fostering creativity and innovation. Information designed to inform students and the general public with respect to health and issues would be inaccessible under these restrictions, including: the Center for Disease Control information on STDs, Campus Health's pages on sexual health, Dr. C. Everett Koop's websites and various anatomy and physiology websites designed for medical students. Such restrictions on academic freedom pose unacceptable barriers to student-centered education.

GPSC is also specifically concerned about the effect of prohibiting encouragement or requirement of extracurricular activities. HB 2023 unreasonably limits the flexibility of faculty and staff to effectively advise, mentor, and educate students; by prohibiting the encouragement or requirement of extracurricular activity. Faculty will be barred from encouraging participation in community service as well as extra-curricular educational activities. A primary role of our institution is to support and promote community service and development.

HB 2023 would severely hamper our ability to positively impact the community.

HB 2023 and HB 2024 represent unreasonable, unworkable and unnecessary restrictions on academic freedom. For these reasons, GPSC firmly opposes adoption of this legislation.

Graduate and Professional Student Council

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