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UAB calling all actors


Arizona Daily Wildcat

Spanish sophomore Melissa Hall awaits students auditioning for the play, "God's Heroes," in the Catalina Room last night. The UAB will also hold auditions tonight and tomorrow night from 6 to 9.

By Vanessa Francis
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
January 1, 2000
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Last night UAB held their first auditions for the spring play, "God's Heroes," a collaboration of poems by Tahirh and the original Laura Dreyfus Barney play.

Anne Heintz , junior English and theater major, added eight poems written by Tahirh - a female resident of the established B'Nai religious community who developed her own religion in Iran in the 1800s.

"The playwrights have expired, so I was able to play around and add in the poems," Heintz said.

She expects about 30 people to audition for the 12 roles to be filled.

"The play hits on issues of women's studies, near Eastern studies, theater and English," Heintz said.

The production crew is made up of three UA students, including director Heintz, Spanish sophomore Melissa Hall as producer, and costume designer Lauren Greer, a fine arts senior.

The production depicts a modern day UA student relationship with the Tahrirh's poetry.

Live music and a choreographed dance sequence will be featured in the play, which should run about one hour long.

William Soland, a freshman English student, is trying out because he loves acting.

"I didn't get a chance to participate last semester," he said.

Other students were enticed by the unique material.

"It's a real different project, which most won't attempt," said Alba Jaramillo, a theater arts sophomore. "Not too many people do multi-cultural theater."

The University Activity Board produces two plays during the academic year. Hall, who is also the UAB arts council director, said the organization aims to make the shows more audience accessible.

"UAB's goal is to bring arts to the general public free of charge," she said.

The UAB's fall production was Shakespeare's, "Much Ado About Nothing."

"It's often tradition to put on a Shakespeare work once a year," Hall said.

"God's Heroes" is set to perform in the Cellar of the Memorial Student Union from March 31 until April 2. Auditions will be held again tonight and tomorrow night. Contact Melissa Hall at 621-0768 for more information.

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