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'Freak Show' back in Dallas


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Arizona Daily Wildcat

Dan Rosen

By Dan Rosen
Arizona Daily Wildcat,
February 10, 2000
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The Dallas Mavericks promotions people are drooling over what is to come at Reunion Arena.

Now that Dennis Rodman is a Maverick, the organization is going to try to exploit his antics for its own financial gain.

Since the Dallas Mavericks organization has hired this freak show to boost ticket sales, they might as well have some new ideas for promotional nights.

A host of a national sports talk radio show had his callers come up with new ideas for new promotions, such as an everybody come late to the game night.

That was pretty good, but since the Mavericks have trouble getting fans at all, they might have to dig a little deeper.

So, here are a few more ideas on the wild side...

A reverse wedding night in which a couple would come in wedding clothes, but the groom wears the dress and the bride sports the tuxedo....

Sleep with your favorite Baywatch star night. Okay, maybe that won't happen, but think of the ticket sales that would generate....

Everybody ride the exercise bike night. If "The Worm" can do it during practice, why can't fans do it during the game? It may also help the city of Dallas become one of the healthiest in the nation....

Piercing party night in which you have your option as to what part of your body you would like to put a hole in. A pierce-your-genitalia-night might result in protest, so we'll let the fans decide what they want to pierce....

Hair dying night. You will have your choice of 73 colors to choose from. Why 73? Well, that is Rodman's jersey number and it makes sense, so go with it.

You will be allowed to mix and match a total of four colors of your choice if you have courtside seats. That is one of the many perks the rich will receive....

Tattoo night in which the local Harley Davidson clan sets up booths around the concourse of the arena and lets you decide if you want a tattoo and where you want it.

A tattoo-your-genitalia-night might again result in a protest, so the fan has the option....

Vanishing night. This will be a game in which the Mavericks promotions staff takes the fans in the upper deck to an undisclosed destination for a few nights.

One thing is for certain, this place will have gambling, booze, women....and yes men. It will be fun for all fans in attendance that just can't afford the lower level seats. Those fans in the lower level will have to actually endure an NBA basketball game....

And last, but certainly not least, is a don't show up to the game at all night. This may be the best option yet because when it comes down to it, you will still have to see the Mavericks play.

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