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Friday February 23, 2001

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Flogging fishies and Cheez Whiz pies

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Earlier this month, the comedy group Charles Darwn Experience (CDE) found out it has a secret admirer.

An anonymous letter - along with $250 - was dropped in the donations jar at a recent CDE performance. The letter read:

"To the cast of CDE - Your shows have provided me with several years of laughter and happiness. I've been to several professional shows, none of which can compare. This money doesn't even come close to how much I would have paid if you charged similarly. Please do not attempt to return this gift. Enjoy Chicago!"

CDE, a university affiliated comedy troupe formed in 1997, has stopped at nothing to collect cash for the chance to participate in a May 4-6 improvisational comedy workshop. Although CDE never charges its audience to watch its weekly performance, tomorrow the group will put on a benefit show with a small admission fee to raise money for the trip.

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