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Monday March 19, 2001

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Recent Spring Break Tragedies

Spring Break 2000:

Brad Downing III, 18, a UA hockey player, dies instantly March 13 when a stolen pickup truck runs a red light and hits his car in Gilbert.

Spring Break 1999:

Former UA student Kevin Scott Medill, 20, dies during a Spring Break trip to Rocky Point, Mexico. Medill, who was reportedly trying to help a heavily intoxicated friend, fell three stories from a balcony in the Plaza Las Glorias hotel, suffering massive brain injuries.

Spring Break 1995:

Jeff Hannan Sehler, 21, a UA student, drowns during spring break in Santa Cruz, Calif. Sehler and a friend were surfing when a strong riptide pulled the sociology junior under the water.

UA student Ann Fowler,19, falls off an all-terrain vehicle during a spring break trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The accident caused two crushed vertebras and left Fowler paraplegic.

UA student Mark McArthur, 19, suffers four crushed vertebras after a moped accident in Cozumel, Mexico. He recovers, but spends months in a body brace.

Spring Break 1994:

Geoffrey Barnes, a UA student and assistant rugby coach, and Anthony J. Switzer, a recent UA graduate, die in separate incidents during their Spring Break vacations in Lake Havasu. Barnes, 23, was cliff diving at Copper Canyon, a popular spring break spot, when he landed face-first in the water and died. Switzer, also 23, fell two stories from a hotel balcony. Both men had consumed alcohol prior to the events.