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Letters to the Editor

Arizona Daily Wildcat
Thursday Mar. 21, 2002

A tribute to Manuel Cruz

What was published in the Monday, issue of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, concerning the drowning of Manuel Cruz, was initially suggested to us as a tribute to his life. A Wildcat reporter saying that he wished to write a tribute to Manuel's life interviewed us Sunday afternoon. Yet, the article written about Manuel focused on his death and the university trying to depart from responsibility, which no one assumed they had anyway. From his friends, who knew and loved him, this is our tribute to Manuel and his love of life:

Although appearing to be "Mr. Tough Guy," Manuel had the biggest heart; you could not help but smile when you were around him. He could bust a rhyme on the spot, then turn around and sing, "Who am I?" from "Les Miserables."

His witty sense of humor made everyone around him laugh. Yet, he knew when to be serious and when a friend needed him. He was there for us all the time, whether it was to have a good time or to give us advice about relationships and life. Manuel had a poetic soul, a love for football, he was funny, he was caring and he saw a person's true self - while revealing his own. Manuel was one of those truly beautiful people, who we were blessed to have known.

Residents of Corleone Apartments

Mr. Cruz deserved 'more than an article'

First, I would like to send my thoughts and prayers to Manuel Cruz's family and friends after he passed away on March 8. This terrific person will be remembered by many people whose lives he touched. The Daily Wildcat came to me and some fellow residents to ask us for our thoughts of Manuel to be in a tribute article in the paper. When I read the article "Student drowns in UA pool" by Arek Sarkissian II in the March 18 Daily Wildcat, I was appalled.

Mr. Sarkissian, the writer, promised us, those who were willing to speak, that our words would not be twisted and that this was a "tragic event" that deserved a tribute. If he, the writer, remembers correctly, he said he himself would be held accountable for any errors in the article. Mr. Sarkissian, I would like you to be held accountable. The article had simple mistakes that should have been corrected after a simple editing, such as reporting the death on March 8 - then saying that Manuel passed away on March 9. This error occurred more than once. Similarly, the incorrect pronoun usage when referring to Dwan Depoe should have been corrected; Miss Dwan Depoe is an extremely incredible female. Mr. Sarkissian, you even misquoted her after your incorrect grammar.

I could not believe the lack of tact in the writing and editing of this article. This was a very tragic event to a very amazing person who deserved more than an article more concerned in letting the public know that the university is not to blame.

Anna Flesher
industrial engineering junior

UA transportation 'greedy and mean'

I have been attending the UA basketball games for a number of years. Being a student, I don't have any special parking pass. I park in a Yellow lot that some game days felt like it was as far south as Broadway. Soon enough (three years later), the Parking and Transportation Department realized students needed to park somewhere as well. The first game of this past season barricades were up, workers were guarding the lot with care, and no one could enter without paying their $5 per game fee ($1 more than my ticket).

Also is it just me, but for those of us who can't afford a permit and pay a student recreation fee ... when do you go to the Student Recreation Center? I try to go, but with the entire area surrounded by permit parking only, how are we supposed to go? I can park down on Broadway again, but by the time I get to the Student Recreation Center, I am done with my workout, and I would just have to turn around and run back to my car.

So, Tony, your letter was just a start and barely touched the surface of describing what is a greedy, money-hungry and (as you said it) mean department here on the UA campus.

Ryan Charles
business graduate student


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