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Letters to the Editor


Friday September 7, 2001

Letter concerning Meet Rack off base

I feel compelled to write a retort to Mr. Wolf's letter in which he bashed the Meet Rack.

First and foremost, who are you to tell people what trash is? I personally have swaggered to the Meet Rack bar and enjoyed a cool glass of Milwaukee's Best. While you were tipping your brandy snifter and dreaming about smoking Cuban cigars at the Bellagio, I was having a beer with human beings.

Regarding the article and the "wasting ink" - you wasted just as much ink in forcing your pretentious opinion on the fellow alumni who have, undoubtedly, frequented the Meet Rack. Why would you assume your opinion to be more important than the article written? That is what you assumed. Correct?

And to be branded, well, you sir have branded yourself an idiot. People are branded by "God" because they choose to. Imagine that - free will. What is this world coming to, Mr. Wolf? P.S. I understand the irony of this article, so don't bother trying to point it out.

Jared Newton


Sheila Bapat letter a lie

Guess we can add Sheila B. to the ever-growing list of worthless lying liberals in both Washington and here at the University of Arizona. Maybe Sheila should pull out a dictionary and look up the word "lie." Usually it implies saying something that isn't true. The facts are very clear to anyone with a few brain cells floating around in their head. The Young Democrats turned two freshmen Republicans away from their table when they asked for voter registrations. Both were turned down and came over to the College Republicans to tell us what they had done.

Then there is that UA Alumni member that deems me "sophomoric". I remember him saying something about fearing Republicans spying into people's bedrooms. I wonder how he feels about dear Hillary and ACLU trying to make it legal for a minor to have an abortion without ever telling the parents. Their argument is appalling! They claim it is the young girl's body. What if the young girl needs counseling or medical attention due to having the abortion? Should we just turn our heads the other way as Democrats suggest? I think not.

Liberalism is a social disease that leads to immorality (and) lawlessness where personal accountability is ignored. It is a world gone bad when parents have no right over what their children do. I am glad to see both of my critics represent themselves in the manners that they is always a reinforcement of why I am Republican. I can only hope that reality and common sense will come knocking on their doors someday -- but how will they know anyone is home with the lights out?

Charles A. Peterson

history sophomore

Spiller column immature

Cory Spiller's September 6 column perfectly illustrates the worst side of the UA student body. His attitude seems to be that it's his "right" to have loud parties and to hell with anyone else.

I live in the Sam Hughes neighborhood east of campus; my street is a mix of owner-occupied and rented homes. Some of these homes are rented to ridiculously large numbers of people -- up to 10 in a house! Some of the occupants throw parties that run until two or three in the morning. They leave trash all over the street and my front yard and my neighbors'. They wake people up. They take up more than their fair share of too-scarce parking space.

In short, many of them are "bad neighbors." It's not so bad for me - I'm single. Many of my neighbors have small children; some have to be up frightfully early in the morning. All most of us want to do is live in peace and harmony.

Mr. Spiller, grow up.

Gordon Zaft

ECE grad student

Republicans needs no help in looking bad

Sheila Bapat asked in her letter, "Why make his party look as bad as it is when he can lie about the Young Democrats?"

Who needs the Young Democrats to make the College Republicans look bad when they do it themselves? College Republican officials are traveling throughout the state in effort to circulate petitions to recall Senator John McCain.

So much for carrying the GOP message. While the Young Democrats are getting Democrats elected, the College Republicans are busy recalling their own elected officials.

Jon Taylor

College of Law Alumna '97


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