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Thursday August 23, 2001 |

Lee column right on

In regards to the letter from Charles A. Peterson, it does not take very much to make a conservative spit in fury. Jessica Lee's column detailed events in Europe, which really should be discussed plainly in the United States of America. Yet Mr. Peterson would have you believe that those damn European socialists don't know what they are talking about and they are all liberal "idiots" like the ones we have here.

Unfortunately, protests are just as intense here. Although this may hurt Mr. Peterson's view of the world, Seattle and the coming Washington protests demonstrate and will continue to demonstrate the ire of many, many people at rampant, destructive corporate-globalization. The fact that he is willing to ignore the estimated 250,000 people on the streets of Genoa is indicative of his closed-minded approach to all issues that do not directly benefit the U.S. "nation-state."

In the spirit of a true, humane democratic globalization, all views would be heard and the World Bank and its ilk would be open and free, and the people they impose economic "re-structuring" on would be free to defend their culture and social programs. Sadly, in its current version, globalization is merely the re-colonization of the Global South - that is, the Third World. Examples abound of this, if you only look beyond the mainstream media.

And finally, Mr. Peterson really sums up the political spectrum in the United States quite elegantly. It is true that democrats have left the Democratic Party to join the republicans but this is not as troubling as those who avow liberal ideals and are content to quietly vote for co-opted republican dogma. Democrats advocate corporate issues as much as republicans do, and this is the real tragedy. And finally, have you ever asked why half the country does not vote? The mainstream media would have you believe it is apathy, but lack of representation is more like it. What does the Republican Party do where it can't "grow?" Ask the black people of Florida.

Carlos Chiquete

astronomy sophomore

There are choices for students

In response to the editorial regarding students options, or lack thereof, in book buying, I must ask, are the professors truly denying students their choice as consumers? First, let me stress a comment in the Aug. 20 article about this issue. It was noted by a student in the article that if someone is simply unwilling to enter a potentially offensive non-UA bookstore, many professors offer to pick up the books for the uncomfortable student. This perhaps solves the problem for some. Of course, if a student feels awkward doing this or does not want to support the store at all, this is not the most favorable option.

Thus we come to the crux of the matter: Just because a professor orders books through a store like Antigone Books doesn't mean the student ceases to have choices. There are many options for finding texts. There are other new and used bookstores in town. As well as these, there are many Web sites to order from.

I myself choose not to support the UA Bookstore due to the policy that all texts must be ordered through the university as well as my desire to support small, independent bookstores. This is my choice as a consumer and student. I don't feel everyone must agree with me or take similar action, therefore, I realize that when books are only available through the UA Bookstore, it is my responsibility to find other sources for my texts.

I have purchased maybe two books from the UA bookstore in the last several years. When I can't find books used, I order them through independent bookstores like Antigone or Reader's Oasis. Frankly, I must add, it is a relief to avoid the beginning of the semester craziness at the bookstore even if it takes a little more thought to find my books. This is one option I have discovered to satisfy my needs as a consumer and student. I have faith my fellow students are also capable of exploring all, or at least more, of the choices in buying their textbooks.

Margaret Adcock

English and creative writing senior

Reply to Lee's column sophomoric

Charles Peterson's reply to Jessica Lee's column was sophomoric and amusing to read. As a history major, it makes me wonder if he was awake in class. He claims that the Republican Party's numbers are growing, yet not in the Congress! I would like to point out a few things to Chuck. The GOP has not had a net-gain of a seat in Congress since 1994. The number continues to go down. The GOP has not had a net-gain of a seat in the Senate since 1996 - not one. The GOP is only "proudly growing" in Chuck's lil' head. The real numbers show that your precious party is shrinking - prepare for the worst in 2002.

Joe Ellison

UA Alumnus 2000


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