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Thursday November 1, 2001

Maxx Wolfson
assistant sports editor

Arizona @ California
I'm actually getting some love here from the people at the Wildcat - they're sending me to the game. If you are going as well, you're more than welcome to join me in some protests. I hear they can get pretty crazy. I think UA will win the game, but Cal will definitely have more people getting arrested.
California fans getting arrested - 30, Arizona fans getting arrested - 1 (me)

UCLA @ Washington State
I don't care who is QB for the Bruins this week - they will win. Cory Paus is hurt, Scott McEwan is hurting and Ryan McCann is just bad. Either way, after watching what Oregon's Onterrio Smith did against the Cougar defense last week (285 yards), DeShawn Foster will solidify his Heisman campaign in the win.
UCLA 32 Washington State 24

Stanford @Washington
What is it about this Washington team? Every week, they find a way to win. The Huskies' last four wins have been decided by three or fewer points. Well it finally will end this week. It's going to be tough beating UW in Husky Stadium, but it will be possible. Stanford QB Chris Lewis will put an end to a Cardinal's 26 -year losing streak in Seattle.
Stanford 30 Washington 25

Michigan @ Michigan State
If you think the UA-ASU game is huge, it doesn't compare to this one. I know some girl who goes to MSU who sold her student tickets - you know, the ones that cost about $4 bucks here - for $400. You know how many cases of Milwaukee's Best I can buy with $400? The Spartans are going to erase any hope for the Wolverines of making a BCS game.
Michigan State 44 Michigan 28

Florida State @ Clemson
It's another Bowden family reunion this weekend. This year, Bobby and his 'Noles will head down to "Death Valley," a place that has never been easy for the Seminoles. A comeback win two years ago kept FSU's title hopes alive. If the 'Noles are still hoping to make a big-time bowl game, they better prove themselves this week. Remember, daddy knows best.
Florida State 42 Clemson 28

Ryan Finley
editor in chief

Arizona @ California
I like Arizona's chances to win so much this weekend that I'm heading to Las Vegas specifically to put money on the Cats against the hapless Golden Bears. Now I know what you're thinking - "Ryan, you're a homer." That might be true, but I know easy money when I see it. With Jason Johnson and Clarence Farmer at 100 percent and Cal missing one of its best players, the Wildcats should win, and win big. Viva Las Veg-ass kicking!
Arizona 31, California 17

UCLA @ Washington State
As former UCLA basketball coach John Wooden once said, "Failure to prepare is preparing to fail." The Bruins have failed to prepare a backup quarterback for the rickety Cory Paus all year, and this weekend, the Cougars will take sweet advantage of it in Pullman. WSU quarterback Jason Gesser will single-handedly topple my preseason national champion in Pullman with his quick feet and great arm. Coach Wooden himself would be proud.
WSU 31, UCLA 27

Stanford @Washington
The Stanford World Tour - dancing tree and all - continues this weekend into Kurt Cobain territory. While the Huskies and their leprechaun head coach are a good team, the game itself should have me flipping back and forth with the food network by halftime out of boredom. In this battle of Pac-10 studs, the Cardinal should remain supreme heading into next week's battle against Iron Chef Sakai, where the ingredient will be - you guessed it! - eel.
Stanford 35 with a side of eel paté, Washington 24

Michigan @ Michigan State
Hey, Maaaaarge. Fire up those braaaaaats and get me an Old Style, der! Though MSU's TJ Duckett could tow my car a few miles on his back alone, Michigan - and the surprisingly adequate John Navarre - should win this in-state battle. Navarre, an average-at-best Wolverine QB, will go on to a great career in the NFL like his predecessors, Brian "I enrolled in law school because I never thought I would be drafted" Griese and Tom "I suck" Brady.
Michigan 24 MSU 7

Florida State @ Clemson
Much like the World Series, this game has made me a big fan of a team I hate simply because I hate their opponent more. I never thought I'd say this, but (gulp!)IthinkFSUisareallygoodteamandtheyshouldwintheBowdenBowlbecauseoftheirskills. There, I said it. Woody Danzler is to college football what "Just Shoot Me" is to television - overrated. Bobby "Sheriff Roscoe P. Coltrane" Bowden's boys should win in a rout.
FSU 42, Clemson 34

Justin St.Germain
staff writer

Arizona @ California
Jason Johnson and Clarence Farmer will each score two touchdowns, and UA will be up 28-0 after three quarters. Then Cal will run back two interceptions for TDs, score on a 99-yard Statue of Liberty play, recover an onside kick and score a touchdown, give up a short drive and a field goal to UA, and score on a 6-lateral squib-kick runback as time expires to beat a UA team that always finds a way to lose.
Cal 35 UA 31.

UCLA @ Washington State
UCLA's star halfback DeShawn Foster hurt his Heisman hopes considerably with a 77-yard performance last week in a loss to Stanford. This week he'll take out his frustration on a porous WSU run defense that gave up 285 yards to Oregon's backup running back last week. Foster will go for 300 plus and WSU will discover what Fresno State has known for weeks - it takes more than a great QB to be a contender.
UCLA 28 WSU 17

Stanford @Washington
Stanford has rolled through two top-10 conference foes in a row on its way to its current No. 13 ranking. Its potent offense will prove too much for an overrated Washington defense that gave up 28 points to UA. Stanford wins the game and, later, the Pac-10.
Stanford 45 UW 35

Michigan @ Michigan State
Michigan is 6-1 overall, undefeated in Big Ten play and ranked No. 4 in the nation. MSU is unranked, 4-2, and lost to Minnesota two weeks ago. But home-field advantage means more than season records in this heated rivalry, and the Spartans will pull off the upset in East Lansing.
MSU 21 Michigan 20

Florida State @ Clemson
Clemson lost 52-7 last year, but this isn't the same Florida State team. If a UNC team with Darian Durant at the helm can put up 41 on FSU's defense, Clemson QB Woody Dantzler will run them ragged. Dantzler goes for 450 all-purpose yards and Clemson avenges last year's debacle.
Clemson 35 FSU 24

Connor Doyle
sports editor

Arizona @ California
There are two things clear in this battle of the Pac-10 doormats: 1) Someone has to win this game. 2) Whichever coach loses this game likely deserves a public caning, a lá Michael Fay, that douchebag who was caught spraypainting something in Singapore. Thankfully, I get paid to watch this game. You don't. Ha ha.
Arizona 41, Cal 14

UCLA @ Washington State
Finally, the two most overrated teams in the conference square off. I can't wait. WSU's bad at stopping the run, so DeShawn Foster should set some type of NCAA record in this game. However, UCLA's quarterbacks are great at stopping the pass, so I'm sure they'll find a way to choke, just like they did against the Cardinal.
WSU 24 UCLA 14

Stanford @Washington
And now, the two most underrated teams in the conference. Tell you the truth, I don't want to see either of these teams lose, but someone's got to do it ∑ so ∑ I'll take the Huskies by a field goal, because they don't lose on Lake Washington, and they seem to have an affinity for winning by three.
Washington 31 Stanford 28

Michigan @ Michigan State
I know the rest of the country thinks this is a great rivalry and everything, but the truth is that Ann Arbor is better in just about every way that East Lansing. Period. While it seems that Michigan has once again trotted out another crappy quarterback in John Navarre, I'm sure he'll be picked up as clipboard-holder by some NFL team and become an overnight success.
Michigan 21 Michigan State 12

Florida State @ Clemson
Ahhh ∑ I love mobile quarterbacks! Woody Dantzler, just in case not all of you know, is the single most dominating player on NCAA 2001. Honestly, this guy's like Bo Jackson on Tecmo Bowl. Since art imitates life, Woody's going to run for about 400 yards and six touchdowns in this rout of the Seminoles. By the way, it's about time FSU started sucking.
Clemson 42 FSU 27


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