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KEVIN KLAUS/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Nearly 25,000 people gathered to display their patriotism by creating a human flag Saturday morning at Tucson Electric Park. Pictures of the flag will be made into postcards to be sent to the families in and around New York City, and will be put onto a billboard in New York City as a way to display Arizona's support for the victims.
Audio Clips, Courtesy of TV3:
RANDY METCALF/Arizona Daily Wildcat
ERIC M. JUKELEVICS/Arizona Daily Wildcat
"This is a testimony to the caring nature of our community, it's overwhelming. I've never worked in a community where people respond as quickly as they have and I've been in this field for over 30 years."
-Richard White, executive director of the Southern Arizona chapter of the American Red Cross

"Both of our faiths preach peace. No person who committed these acts is a member of either of our religions."
- Rabbi Thomas Loucheim

RANDY METCALF/Arizona Daily Wildcat
RANDY METCALF/Arizona Daily Wildcat

"We're here to provide a service, not just collect fines and give citations."
- Gary Thomson, associate director of Parking and Transportation Services regarding the free shuttle to the TCC Blood Drive provided by UA Parking and Transportation

I think it's good that people here show respect and express that they care. It's really bringing everyone together."
- Rahul Batra, business junior

ERIC M. JUKELEVICS/Arizona Daily Wildcat
"I saw a list of CNN, and then Tom Clancy said that this is not too far from disbelief."
- Joel Simon, student president of Hillel
ERIC M. JUKELEVICS/Arizona Daily Wildcat
"We've been fielding phone calls, covering the information for people while they're in class, and we're not anticipating any problems. UAPD has been wonderful. We're open and have been encouraging people to come down." - Michelle Blumberg, director of Hillel

"I speak today not as a Catholic or as a Christian, but as a member of the human race. And I must tell you that these have been very hard days for people on our campus in fear of their safety, who hide in their rooms in fear."
- UA President Peter Likins, addressing a University of Arizona-sponsored prayer service Wednesday.

"I'm not going to change my daily routine. (The terrorist act) shows the person who did it had no understanding of his religion. The act that has taken place is totally against humanity. The person who did it had no feelings at all."
- Jassem Khan, official treasurer of the Muslim Student Association.

BEN DAVIDOFF/Arizona Daily Wildcat

Omar Shahin, left, the Imam and director of the Islamic Center of Tucson, converses with Rabbi Thomas Louchheim of congregation Or-Chadash as they lead a group of mourners toward the UA mall to participate in a "Unity Rally" Wednesday night. During the memorial event, both Shahin and Louchheim joined many other students, professors and Tucsonans in prayer and speech.
BEN DAVIDOFF/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Omar Shahin, front, the director and Imam of the Islamic Center of Tucson, joins other mourners in prayer Wednesday night on the UA mall at a "Unity Rally" prompted by the nation's recent terrorist crisis.

"We are Americans too. This is a tough time for Muslims everywhere."
- Khaled Bamyeh, co-owner of Sinbad's Middle Eastern restaurant

RANDY METCALF/Arizona Daily Wildcat
AMY WINKLER/Arizona Daily Wildcat
Veterinary sciences junior Shannon McDonald paused for a moment of silence Tuesday night at the Catholic Newman Center. The center held a vigil for the victims and their families in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks upon the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.
RANDY METCALF/Arizona Daily Wildcat


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Friday, September 14th, 2001
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Thursday, September 13th, 2001
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UA prepares to help students with grief
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Wednesday, September 12th, 2001
Terror hits home
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Dorms to close early as security measure
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