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Photo Spreads
April 17, 2002
The street that Marshall built
From its birth in 1922 to its current state 100 years later, the business district of university boulevard has served as a hangout, shopping area and donation source for UA and the community.

Growth of a Boulevard

The Marshall Foundation looks to revitalize - and rebuild - University Boulevard

Crouched next to a worn, wooden chair inside Landmark Clothing and Shoes, Mort Edberg removes several pairs of sandals from their boxes so his latest customers can weigh their options.

"Hello young ladies! Walk around here, girls. Don't be bashful," he says in a booming voice.

March 20, 2002
Love of the Game
Though Club sports may lack recognition on campus and the heftier funds that varsity sports are allotted, the players and coaches are willing to work, win and play for the... love the game

Playing with passion

Club athletes juggle practice, school, work despite lack of financial support

Splashcat Michelle Meyer had to get Richard Simmons off her mind during her cross-country flight to nationals yesterday.

The Arizona synchronized swimmer had to think about putting together her uniform rather than mastering her routine to the tune of the fitness promoter's 1980s aerobics medley.

February 20, 2002

Bumps in the Road

It's a Monday afternoon and engineering students are staring at their computer screens while bathed in the fluorescent lights of an underground room in the engineering department.

Chemical engineering senior Brian Constance and a classmate glance from their notebooks to their computer screens and back again. They have been assigned to design a mock oil refinery for a chemical engineering design class, one of their last core curriculum classes before graduation.

While Constance concentrates on his final course requirements, he must also keep busy searching for a way to survive after the tassel hits the other side of his mortarboard in May.

January 30, 2002

Blurred Across Boundaries

Playing the dating game is tough.

How can I impress her? What should I wear? What kind of music does he like? Roses or chocolates? Movie or mini golf? Will Mom and Dad approve? What will my friends think? Will it work out?

College is the last breeding ground for young people to hook up before they entering real world. When the honeymoon stage of couplehood ends, it's time to get down to the nitty-gritty: your values, beliefs and prejudices vs. theirs.

Who is going to change?

Some of those changes are nearly impossible. Your race. Your religion. Or both.


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