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UA News
Students ready to wrestle for seats

By Keren G. Raz
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday August 26, 2002

Not going to class the first day could cost students their seat

Getting courses isn't difficult to quite the degree UA administrators in the spring had predicted it would be, but students squeezing into a newly gained seat at this point in the semester will find the fit a tight one.

One hundred and twenty-eight classes were cancelled in February as a result of budget cuts, leaving deans and department heads to wonder where they were going to put large undergraduate classes who had packed the classroom in the current year.

Administrators worked through the summer to reallocate money to open up 2,000 additional seats in fall classes, said Rick Kroc, director of assessment and enrollment research.

"This summer we restored classes that we feared would be lost to budget cuts, specifically math, English composition, Spanish, general education classes and upper division classes required for majors," said Randy Richardson, vice-president of undergraduate education.

In fact, five more sections of Spanish 102 were opened this year and, overall, the Spanish and Portuguese department gained seven classes, said Malcolm Compitello, head of the department of Spanish and Portuguese.

But the Office of Curriculum and Registration posted a notice on the UA Web stating that those who do not attend their first class in chemistry, English composition, mathematics or foreign language may be automatically dropped from the enrollment sheet.

Many students, particularly some science majors, have felt the effects of the budget cuts on the availability of classes required for their majors.

As of yesterday, 14 out of 24 sections of chemistry 103A had been cancelled.

Stephen L. Brown, general chemistry lab supervisor, said, "In my 25 years here, this is the first time we have had our CHEM 103A (general chemistry for science and engineering majors) fill up. All 1,520 seats are taken."

Tresno Seery, a mechanical engineering freshman, was unable to register for all the classes he needed for his major.

"All the classes I was supposed to take for my major were full two chemistry classes and an engineering class. So I took some TRAD classes and an INDV. I got a full schedule, so it's okay. But it does upset me."

Justin Tinkle, an undeclared freshman, encountered no problems when he participated in the late registration last Thursday and Friday to schedule general education courses.

"The registration process was quick and easy. I got all the classes I needed," he said.

Over the summer 300 students who were signed up for no or one general education classes were notified of available classes while administrators opened up more seats.

Approximately 50 students registered after being notified that there were more open seats in general education courses, Kroc said.

Additional general education class seats were opened up last week right before the final registration and were available on WebReg throughout the weekend.

Fewer students squeezed into last minute orientation and registration than in years prior.

Approximately 280 students participated in last week's registration, a significant decrease from last year's 660 participants.


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