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Police Beat

By Kristopher Califano
Arizona Daily Wildcat
Monday August 26, 2002

Outstanding warrant

Police arrested a student Friday night after he was seen urinating on a campus parking garage, reports stated.

Officers saw the student and his friend relieving themselves on the Tyndall Avenue Garage, 880 E. Fourth St.

Police ran a background check on the students and learned one had a warrant for giving alcohol to minors.

The student was arrested for having a warrant and taken to Pima County Jail, reports stated.

The student's friend was released at the scene.

Sexual harassment

Police were unable to find a man Friday afternoon who asked UA students for their phone numbers and made sexually suggestive comments, reports stated.

A desk employee at Maricopa Hall, 1031 E. North Campus Dr., told officers the man was approaching female residents and asking them for their phone numbers.

He also asked the employee if she could give him a resident's number. The employee refused, but alerted the student of the incident. The student told the employee she did not know the man, reports stated.

Other residents told police the man said they were "really pretty" and asked if he could spend the night in their room sometime, reports stated.

The man told the residents he was a physical trainer and spoke of his religious affiliation.

The resident gave officers the man's description, a 5-foot-5-inch man with a collegiate shirt and scars on his neck and knuckles.

Police searched the campus but could not find him.

Car Theft

A UA employee's car was stolen from a campus lot Friday, reports stated.

The employee told police that she parked her car at 6 a.m. near the University of Arizona Police Department, 1832 E. First St.

She told officers the car was locked but did not have an alarm.

Police didn't see any broken glass where the car was parked.

There are no suspects or witnesses at this time, reports stated.

Drug possession

Two students were placed into the UA diversion program Friday night after they told police they had been smoking marijuana, reports stated.

A resident assistant at the Arizona Sonora Residence Hall, 910 E. Fifth St., told police he could smell an odor of burned marijuana coming from a sixth floor room, reports stated.

Police confirmed the odor and knocked on the door. The two residents allowed the officer to enter the room. He noticed a stronger odor as he entered the room, reports stated.

Both men had glassy eyes and dilated pupils, reports stated.

After being questioned the roommates both admitted to smoking marijuana, reports stated.

Police told the men to give them any marijuana or smoking devices that were in the room.

They handed over a glass pipe with residue and a black film canister, which contained approximately 0.6 grams of a green leafy substance, which police believe to be marijuana.

The students were diverted to the UA Dean of Students Diversion Program, reports stated.

Officers told the roommates if they did not complete the program they would be prosecuted for possessing drug paraphernalia and unlawful possession of marijuana, reports stated.

Alcohol possession

A UA student was taken to jail Friday morning after he ran from police and officers discovered he had an odor of alcohol on his breath.

Police saw the man standing in an alley behind the Chi Omega sorority house.

When the man noticed the squad car he ran south on North Highland Avenue. He ignored the officers' commands to stop.

Police stopped the man on East Second Street and North Highland Avenue.

Officers searched the man and noticed that he had an odor of alcohol on his breath. He also struggled with officers while being searched.

He was arrested and taken to Pima County Jail on suspicion of being a minor in possession of alcohol.

Alcohol possession

A UA student was placed into the diversion program Saturday night after police saw him carrying a beer on campus, reports stated.

Officers saw the man walking through the parking lot near the Arizona Sonora Residence Hall, 910 E. Fifth St.

When he saw police the man set the half-empty beer bottle on the ground and walked away.

He told police the beer was his, but refused to identify who had given him the beer, reports stated.

He was placed into the diversion program on suspicion of being a minor in possession of alcohol, reports stated.

Police Beat is compiled from official University of Arizona Police Department Records. For a complete list of UAPD activity, the daily resumÄ can be found at


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